‘Days of Our Lives’ actor Cody Longo, Dies at 34

Cody Longo, the popular actor who gave some remarkable performances in “Days of Our Lives” and “Hollywood Heights”, died at his residence in Austin at just 34. His representative Alex Gittelson informed the media that Cody was found dead on Wednesday at his home. 

While talking to the media Cody’s wife, Stephanie Longo, stated that she tried to reach her husband from work. However, when Cody didn’t respond to the calls, she called to police as she started to feel anxious. Reportedly, the police had to break down the door of Cody’s house to get in since no one responded to the knocks. The police recovered the body from his bedroom in Austin, Texas.

According to the sources, Cody has been fighting against alcohol abuse for several years. He also sought help from rehab in 2022. Although the cause of his death has not been officially decades yet, there is a high chance that he might have relapsed. 

Cody’s wife also mentioned in a statement that Cody was trying hard to fight against his condition for his family and kids. Stephanie also said that Cody was a great husband and an amazing father, and his entire family was heartbroken by his sudden demise. 

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