Closure of the UK Parliament TikTok account after concerns raised by the MPs

After examining the risks involved with the leakage of data to the Chinese Government UK Parliament decided to ban its TikTok account. The MPs are now seeking credential assurance from TikTok that the accounts registered on TikTok will not be leaked to China. Owned by the Chinese company ByteDance TikTok denied all kinds of allegations.
In recent years the relations between Beijing and London have been fraught and tensions further mounted by China’s sanctions. The UK Parliament spokesman told BBC that the UK Parliament TikTok account was created to pass critical content about Parliament to the younger audiences but has now decided to ban it as planned. MPs and Peers Tom Tugendhat (Tory leadership contender) and Sir Iain Duncan Smith (former Conservative leader) highlighted these concerns to the speaker’s Parliament Houses.
The MPs and Peers who were sanctioned by Xi Jinping’s government for raising concerns about the human rights abuses in China wrote letters showing their disappointment with Parliament’s decision to set up the UK Parliament TikTok account. They say that the executives of TikTok are unable to reassure that prohibition of the data transfer to ByteDance.
After the issuance of the letter signed by MPs and Peers TikTok has decided to explain its data protection processes to them. Recently in July TikTok’s vice president Theo Bertram wrote to MP Darren Jones to deny these rumors saying that its TikTok user data is fully protected from Chinese Government and nor would they leak it if asked.
Shutting down of Huawei’s 5G equipment from Britain’s networks by the year 2027 has mounted fears of economic war in the coming years. Nations such as US and India have already imposed restrictions on the usage of these applications.

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