Top 14 Chinese Shipping Companies in 2023

Shipping companies are undoubtedly one of the most important businesses in today’s world. By stringing the whole world together, they make sure that you won’t face issues while moving your stuff around. And there are many Chinese shipping companies that can help you in moving your things.

With digitization being an important part of our lives, we heavily depend on the shipment for different reasons. Whenever you place an order online, shipment companies are the ones responsible for bringing them to your footstep. Or when you want to simply send something to someone far away, they take care of your beloved parcels.

Not only that, but shipment companies also help in shipping raw materials to the manufacturers. Businesses largely take the help of shipment companies to maintain their supply chain. In case you are a business owner, the benefits of shipment companies in industrial use are not foreign to you.

Shipping industrial goods, luggage, personal items and different items all over the world, shipment companies function both nationally and internationally. Be it by road, water or rail, shipping companies work in every mode. Their services will help you in transporting or relocating anywhere in the world.

Various shipment companies around the world are thriving today. With their presence in almost every country and continent, Chinese shipment companies are amongst the biggest contributors to this business. We have prepared a list of the Chinese shipping companies around the globe for you. Let us dive deep into the list.

List of the Best Chinese Shipping Companies

Following is the list of the popular Chinese Shipping Companies

01. Asiana USA- International Shipping Company USA

One of the biggest international shipment companies in the USA, Asiana USA has made a big name for itself. Without a doubt, the company is popular for its efficiency and sustainability.

Popular for providing services like global logistics, warehouse and fulfilment, national drayage and freight forwarding, the company is working tirelessly. You can surely depend on this company for your shipment needs.


Address: 1501 Rio Vista Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90023, United States

Phone number: +1 855-500-1808

02. Flexport

Established in 2013, Flexport is one of the biggest Chinese shipping companies. With its headquarter in San Francisco, Flexport has a presence in China, the Asian sub-continent, Europe and North America.

The most important fact about this company is that Flexport became the first to have digitized international shipping. Of course, the company is also popular for offering varieties of services to its clients. Flexport deals in services like government agency filings, quality inspections, warehousing, air freight, ocean freight, customs clearance, cargo insurance, trucking & delivery, custom bond and product classification. You will most likely have a pleasing experience while working with them.


Address: 760 Market Street, 8th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone number: +1415-231-5252

03. Floship

Belonging to the category of new companies, Floship was established in 2015. Although based in Hong Kong, the company ships products from China all over the world.

But don’t think the company lacks in positive abilities because it’s new. Among all the positive attributes of the companies, the company is most popular for providing door-to-door services. Also, another important feature of Floship is that it offers full-suite courier rates, according to your convenience.


Address: K11 Atelier Victoria Dockside 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone number: +852 2760 2986

04. China Ocean Shipping Co Amer

Another Chinese shipment company with its headquarters in America, China Ocean Shipping Co Amer is flourishing with time. Based in New Jersey, the company is one of the most reliable and trustworthy shipping companies in the State.

Offering various services, the company has built a good reputation around the United States, Canada, Panama and Mexico. China Ocean provides services in areas like shipping, supply chain and integrated logistics. You can without a doubt trust them with your precious items.


Address: 100 Lighting Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094, United States

Phone Number: +1 201-422-0500

05. China Freight Co., LTD

Based in Shenzhen, China, the company has made its name popular in the international market. We can surely say that China Freight is the most popular Chinese shipment company with international offices.  

There are various fields where China Freight has its hold on. Some of the areas in which the company provides it services are cargo insurance, customs broker, express services, inventory management, air freight, courier service, cargo shipping, order management, ocean shipment, road freight, warehousing, international freight forwarding company and many more. It can easily become your go-to shipping company for its benefits.


Address: China, Shenzhen, Nanshan, Suhao Building: 518052

Phone number: +86 755 8651 4558

06. Sino Shipping

With offices all over China, Sino Shipping holds an international reputation for its quality. The company is popular for being one of the most reliable and trustworthy shipping companies.

There is probably not a single field in which Sino shipping doesn’t provide services in. Few of the areas that the company deals in are cargo insurance, vehicle transport, air transport, air freight forwarder, courier services, delivery services, import processing, global freight forwarding, inventory management, logistics solutions, marine cargo, ocean cargo, ocean freight, relocation services, rail freight, supply chain management, amazon fba prep and many more. Trustworthy and efficient, this company will help you in shipping almost everything.


Address: Office C, 23/F., COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip St, Kwun Hong Kong

07. China Express Bangladesh

Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, China Express Bangladesh is the country’s one of the biggest shipment companies. They are popular for their satisfactory customer service and efficient work ethics.

Being one of the largest shipping companies in Bangladesh, China Express provides various services. Some of the areas this company provides its services in our vehicle transport, customs clearance, cargo transportation, door-to-door, international shipping, courier services, sea freight, shipment services and many more. You can view their portfolio to understand more about their services.


Address: House: 69/B, Road: 6/A, Dhanmondi, ঢাকা 1206, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Phone number: +880 1752-520458

08. AGS International Movers

Considered to be one of the biggest shipping companies in Singapore, AGS International Movers has established its name in the worldwide market. With their efficiency in shipping and transportation, the company is loved for its quality.

And it has not gained popularity for anything. The company deals in a wide range on services including, inter-country moving, local moving, oversized item moving, moving-related packing, claims handling, vehicle transport, air transport, client services, claims handling, corporate relocation, customized invoicing, corporate solutions, delivery services, domestic move, general enquiries, household move, international movers, logistic services, office movers, global moving services, global relocation services, door to door services, packing and provision of packing materials and many more. Make sure you research them further if you choose to take up their services.


Address: 31 Jurong Port Rd, #06-10/11, Singapore 619115

Phone number: +65 6777 1166

09. The China Navigation Company

Another Chinese shipment company in Singapore, The China Navigation is a key player in the shipment field. Popular for its effortless services in providing you with the best shipping benefits, the company is without a doubt efficient in its field.

However, the company is now named Swire Shipping Pte. Ltd. With offering a wide range of services, the company deals in inland transportation, management solutions, custom clearance, inland transportation, warehousing, cargo freight and supply chain solutions. You can read more about them on their website.


Address: 300 Beach Rd, The Concourse, #27-01, Singapore 199555

Phone number: +65 6603 9400

10. China Shipping Egypt For Maritimes Services Co. Ltd.

Located in Citystars Heliopolis, the company is Egypt’s biggest shipping company. Popular for being reliable, efficient and friendly, the company is a great company when it comes to local and international shipping.

With providing various categories of shipping services, China Shipping Egypt Maritimes Services has been a crucial name in the market. A few of the services it provides are sea freight, local shipment, cargo shipment, international transport and many more. The company’s compelling portfolio might impress you.


Address: City Stars- Star Capital 8- 6th Floor Unit 63.64 Elforsan St, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Phone number: +20 2 24800930

11. Imports From China Inc

Based in Delhi, India, Imports From China Inc is one of the most-known shipment services in the region. With mostly positive reviews from users, the company has established its deep roots in shipment services.

Giving many reasons to be considered as a good company, Imports From China is an established shipping service. The company gives various services in sectors like international transport, ocean sea freight, customs clearance and warehousing. Without a doubt, they are giving their full potential in contributing in the fields they deal in. 


Address: E 41A, Bhimsen Dhingra Rd, Block E, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

12. Doc Shipper

Probably one of the biggest shipping companies of China, DocShipper provides services in over 40 countries, including China, North America and Europe.

Popular for being one of the finest service providers, the company offers its clients with various services. Some of its most important services are trucking, rail freight, express transport, 3Pl services, custom clearance and FBA Prep services. If you live in any of the locations it has its office in, DocShipper can become your favourite shipping company.


Address: Office C, 23/F., COS Centre, 56 Tsun Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Phone number: +852 5808 0758

13. Freightos

When we talk about big international shipping companies, Freightos is one of the first companies that pop into our minds. With its offices in the UK, China, USA and Canada, the company has received positive feedback from the international community.

Unlike most shipping companies, Freightos is popular for giving its customers the option to compare the features of shipment management companies. Among all the services, the company’s prime objective is to provide logistic services.


Address: 350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, USA

Phone number: +1 877 222 8727

14. FBA Forward

Originally founded in 2104 as a logistic support company for domestic e-commerce sellers, the company later transformed into a full-time shipment company.

Dealing with FBA Forward in different aspects of shipment, making it a versatile company. Some of the shipment areas it deals in are receiving and forwarding, FBA prep and inspection, Amazon listing service, shipping and customs, etc. The company’s website can give you an insight into how they work.


Phone number: +1 888-302-7737


We have listed the best Chinese shipment companies available around the world. With having all the options, you can easily choose the shipping company that best suits you.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the biggest shipping company in China?

COSCO shipping is considered to be China’s biggest shipping company.

Which is the world’s largest shipping company?

Mediterranean Company is the world’s largest shipping company with over 663 carriers.

Which is world’s largest company for producing shipping containers?

CIMC reportedly produce the world’s largest shipping containers. 

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