Car Wash Business Card: ideas and designing

Are you trying to print business cards for your car washing business but don’t know where to begin? We have the solution for you in our guide of car wash business card ideas. But before that, let us first go through the most important factors.

Before beginning, let us first understand why it is important to print a business card for your car detailing business. As we know, business cards are undoubtedly the most important identity of a business. With having the most important data like your contact information, company details, logo and address, business cards help in educating people about your business.

Since the start of merchant world, business cards have existed as a way of communication. It might be surprising to you that the first appearance of business card was recorded in the 15th century, in China. Since then, all the big and small businesses have used business cards all over the world.

Is it important for a car wash to have business cards?

If you are still reluctant about having a business card for your car wash business, you need to understand why you need one. We often assume that business cards are limited to businesses that sell commodities but this is a wrong narrative.

Since car washing is a service-oriented business, you need business cards more. When you have a person carrying something that belongs to you, the word of your business spreads more. With creating an intimate business relation with your customers, you can also get a stronger customer base with business cards.

Let us take a scenario, when one of your clients is recommending your car wash, they may forget to give out details. With your business card, they will have the information handy and hence, you will have a better business.

And that’s not it, with business cards, you can have a more professional outlook for your business. So, if you want to grow your car wash business sincerely, you should without a doubt give business cards a go.

Modes of Business Cards

Now, if you have made up your mind to print business card for your cash wash business, next comes the mode of designing your business cards. There are two primary modes of business cards, paper and digital.

Digital Business Cards

In this era of digitization, digital business cards are getting popular every passing day. Unlike traditional business cards, digital cards do not require space, natural resources and contact. You can simply print your digital business cards with a free application or get a designer to make it. Digital cards are more eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to deal with.

Even sharing digital business cards is less hectic. You can send it directly to someone via email or social media applications. And since you do not need to make person to person contact to share these cards, you can interact with your clients easily.

However, since not everyone has access to smartphones, your audience may be limited. And although person to person contact can be hectic, it leaves a lasting impression on the receiving end.

Paper Business Cards

Paper business cards or what we often call traditional business cards have existed since the beginning of business. There is an assumption that paper business cards are becoming a ghost of the past but this is entirely false. Even with all the digitalization, human contact can never be replaced.

Traditional business cards can portray your business in artistic and meaningful manner. From old people to the new generation, everyone can have access to your paper cards. You can be creative and informative with paper business cards. And since the person will have a physical copy of the card, they will always have an intimate essence of your business.

However, paper business cards are costlier to make and design. And with only a minor change in your business, you will have to dismantle a whole lot of business cards and print new ones.

For best benefits, you can have both digital and paper business cards for your business.

Designing Your Business Cards

After designing on which mode to opt for, the next thing comes is designing your business cards. You have two options, either hire a professional designer or design the cards yourself. Since we started with ideas for traditional business cards, we will only concentrate on paper business cards.

There are plenty of websites and applications that offer you with templates to select from. After designing the business cards, you can get them printed from the business card applications only. Now, let us step by step discuss how to design your card.

Step 1

The first thing you need to consider before printing a business card is what type of card you want. There are some business card types that stand out more than the others. Let’s take a look on four of them:

  • Classic Business Cards: Every traditional outlook blends well with class. If you are looking for a more sophisticated and clean business card, then classic business cards are definitely for you. They include all the essential data and you can easily create them. When compared to the other business cards, they are simpler to make and hence, less complicated.
  • Social Networker’s Business Card: Want to keep all the unwanted calls at inconvenient hours away? Try printing a Social Networker’s Business Card. Instead of adding your contact information, add only your social media handles to the hard, including your Facebook page, twitter account and website. You can also add the QR code of your social media handles on the cards.
  • Gadget Business Cards: What speaks more about your car washing business more than a car? With gadget business cards, you can mold your paper cards however you want. They will fold into the design you choose and your client can unfold it and get all the necessary information. This is our personal favorite business card.
  • WildFormat Business Cards: Have a creative side that you want the world to see, wild-format business cards are for you. They are convenient, artistic and hold all your essential data. You can definitely have long-lasting impression on your clients by presenting them with these cards.

Step 2

After choosing the card, the next important step is choosing the template. Different online applications like Canva have user-friendly templates. There are both free and premium templates available online so choose what suits your preference the best. Just make sure your template is clean and presentable.

Step 3

After selecting the template, the next important step is creating the logo. If you have an existing logo for your business, insert that one to the template. If you do not, then create a logo for your business and then copyright it. Since your logo is the ultimate visual representation of your business, make sure create it with utmost sincerity.

Step 4

After inserting the logo, select the font and color of your text. Since your business’s data and information are the most important part of your business card, make sure to add the font and color carefully. Try not to add more than four colors since too much color may make your card look messy. And for the font, select only clearly visible text style. Your client will have to read the details properly so try to go for bold and San-serif styles.

Step 5

After deciding on the color and font, insert the data to your card. Remember, you have only limited space to add all the information so choose to add only the relevant data. Some of the most important things we think you should add are:

  • The name of your company
  • Your designation
  • Primary contact details like phone number, website, etc.
  • Business Description
  • Office address
  • Your own name
  • The company’s tagline

If you have anything else to add, feel confidant to add it. However, make sure you leave enough space between the words and sentences.

Step 6

After the hassle of creating your perfect business card, get them printed. But before that, make sure to look thoroughly through your card. Some of the important things you have to look for are:

  1. Readability of the text
  2. Placement of the logo
  3. Overlapping of images
  4. All the added information

After making sure that everything is on point, you can order a lot of business cards for your car washing business. There are two finishes you can opt for, matte finish and glossy finish. And after selecting the finish, head straight to a printing press and get your business cards printed. 

Examples of Car Wash Business Card design

Following is the some examples of Examples of Car Wash Business Card design


With knowing how to proceed, you are ready to create your first batch of business cards. For more car wash business card ideas, you can go through online images and templates. Pinterest and similar websites have variety of templates that you can take inspiration from. What are you still waiting for? Go and start designing the perfect business cards for your car wash business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a car wash business attract more customers?

Give multiple business cards to your friends and family and encourage them to spread it in their circle.

What should not be on a business card?

Missing information, typos and misprints are some of the things that should never be on a business card.

What is the size of a standard business card?

3.5” x 2” is considered as the standard size of business cards.

Should business cards have two sides?

Two sides on a business card can accommodate twice information, so yes, its best to add two sides to a business card.

Can I add Facebook logo to my business card?

Inserting Facebook logo right before your business’s Facebook handle can make your card more attractive.

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