Top 20 Blue French tip nails design 2023

Are you looking for Blue French tip nails design? then, you have landed in right place. The French manicure is a classic that has never gone out of style. It is such an easy design that, over time it has evolved into beautiful designs with more colours and patterns added to it. Did you know the French manicure is not French but actually American? Yes, you read it right. It was invented by an entrepreneur called Jeff Pink.

The story goes like this: Jeffrey Pink sympathetic to the pain of how long it took for actresses to change their nail polishes created a set of polishes that mimicked the natural look. This was in 1975 when nail polishes were tough to remove. People wanted colours that would go with every look hence he came up with the idea of using a flesh colour nail polish with white nail polish used on the nail tips.

This became such a hit that over the years the French manicure has dominated the beauty industry. Simple and classy it requires only 2 colours to make your nails look sophisticated. People soon started experimenting with different colours replacing the white with more bold shades to go with the look they were trying to achieve.

The blue French tips – a refreshing color

Blue is a beautiful colour and has emerged as a winner when it comes to the French manicure. If you Google blue French tip nails you will find beautiful images of nails painted in different ways making the nails look like a work of art.

Blue nail design
Blue nail art

The French manicure has evolved according to the changing times and many celebrities have been spotted wearing them. Kate Hudson was the first to walk the red carpet at the New York Fashion week with blue French tips sparking the trend that many people have adopted.

Sported by different celebrities

The refreshing blue nails have been sported by many celebrities after Kate Hudson and new designs and patterns have come up in that space as well, making it look savvy and chic. It can be worn on any occasion including formal wear giving the wearer a very sophisticated and prim look.

Half blue nail design

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Beyoncé regularly sport this look. The blue French tips are a refreshing look and easy on the eyes. Kate Hudson’s manicurist Alicia Torello called blue the underrated color that most people have been sleeping on.

Combining blue with a French manicure that has neutral tones gave it an evocative look which soon became the rage. It also set off a trend that continues to this day. Manicurists have come up with their takes on this classic French version and many social media sites have been decorated with beautifully painted nails.

The reason why French manicure is preferred is that it is easy to paint your nails in that fashion and has a classy look. People are also pairing the blue tips with different colors giving it a bold look. There are many trends and designs coming out with blue French tips.

Half blue nail art

I have listed some of the common ones here which can be done easily.

Navy blue nail design
Matching blue nail with lips
Long french blue nail art
french blue nail designs
  • The first style is to paint your nail tips blue. The blue can be of any shade. My personal favourite is navy blue as it will contrast with your nail giving it a sharper look. Then finish the entire nail with a coat of clear nail polish.
  • You can also combine the French manicure with nail art. First, you need to paint your nail with clear nail polish then set in stones or any other designs you would prefer and finish it off by colouring your nail tips blue. Lock it with a coat of clear nail polish again.
  • Another style that I personally like deviates slightly from the classic French manicure. Here you need to paint your whole mail white. Then colour nail tips blue and finish off the manicure with a clear nail polish to lock in the colours.
  • You can also combine the French manicure with nail art. First, you need to paint your nail with clear nail polish then set in stones or any other designs you would prefer and finish it off by colouring your nail tips blue. Lock it with a coat of clear nail polish again.

The third design that I have discussed is the one which trendsetters have taken a lot of liberty with and have come up with their own versions of blue French manicure. You can go to Pinterest or Instagram to get inspired by the various designs that are trending online and get creative with your nails.

If you want to go for a professional look or have a complicated design in mind then you can go to a nail salon and get your nails done.

Getting it done at nail salons

Nail salons and beauty parlours all around the globe have become very proficient in giving their clients the French manicure. The blue French manicure is also very famous and you can first discuss it with your nail technician, the look you want, before proceeding.

Many nail salons also have a catalogue that has many pictures of aesthetically looking nails. You can select from the catalogue or if you have a particular look in mind then show them a picture of that look and they will be able to recreate it on your nails.

There are many variations to this look and you can even ask for different designs on each of your fingers or combine them with stones to give a more exquisite look.

If you don’t want to go to a nail salon for this, it’s not a problem because I have also discussed how you can recreate a classic blue French manicure at home comfortably.

How to do it yourself

The blue French manicure is very easy to recreate and even a beginner can do this effortlessly. If you are new to manicures I have listed the steps you can follow to create this look on your nails.

  1. Wash your hands and clean your fingernails. Your fingernails should look white and pretty. Take a nail file and file your nails to your desired shape.
  2. After filing your nails keep a bottle of nude nail polish, blue nail polish and clear nail polish ready. 
  3. Apply a thin coat of nude nail polish on all your nails. Don’t apply a thick coat as this will lead to air bubbles getting trapped and give it a rough look. You can apply a second coat if you want, it is your discretion. If you don’t have nude nail polish you can skip this step.
  4. Take the blue nail polish and apply only to your nail tips. You can use a special brush for this or you can use the brush of the nail polish. After this step, you can draw a thin white line across the blue tip using white nail polish. This is optional but it will highlight the blue tip.
  5. Finally, lock the colours with a coat of clear nail polish. Apply a thin coat and wait for it to fry. Don’t forget to apply at the tips and the edge of your nail. This will seal the nail polish nicely and will last longer.
  6. A tip I want to reinforce. Always allow your nails to dry completely between the coats. Do not proceed to the next coat without the previous coat drying.

And you are done. You have successfully recreated the blue French manicure look. I have only given the steps for the simple version. You can add stones to it and jazz it up however you want.


The blue French manicure is here to stay. Different versions of this manicure are being invented every day kick-starting many new trends. From celebrities to commoners everyone has sported the French manicure at least once. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ this saying is very true as it led to the invention of French manicure by Jeff Pink who is the CEO of Orly.

Once he knew that this design made heads turn in Paris he aptly named it the French manicure. Today this classic manicure has become a trendsetter and many designs have evolved from it. The Blue French manicure sported by celebrities took the world by storm and gave rise to many trends itself. Do try this look for yourself and wow your friends and colleagues. This is all about the Blue French tip nails design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply a French manicure at home?

Yes, it is one of the easiest looks to pull off. It is known for its simplicity and gives a classy look. To help actresses speed up with their wardrobe changes Jeff Pink an entrepreneur came up with the idea of a French Manicure using only 2 colours. I have also listed the steps to recreate this classic look in the comfort of your home.

Can I wear the blue French manicure on my nails and go to the office?

Yes, you can. The blue French manicure goes well with all occasions and is especially good for formal wear. It is easy and simple to recreate the design on the nails so applying it and going to the office won’t be a problem. It will make your nails look chic and boost your confidence.

How long will a blue French manicure last?

Well, that completely depends on you. If you apply good quality nail polishes and seal it with clear nail polish it can stay for quite a while. Make sure you apply thin coats and spread the nail polish evenly on your nails. When sealing the nail polish paint the tips of your nail as well, as this will avoid chipping. If you want your manicure to last longer then avoid doing work that will make use of your nails.

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