12 Biggest Pharma Companies in Colorado 2023

Wondering which are the biggest pharma companies in Colorado? We have prepared a list of pharma companies in Colorado for you.

Pharma companies have always been an integral part of our lives. From giving you your daily dose of medicines to offering extended healthcare, they have their static importance. And with the recent pandemic, the healthcare sector has been playing a very important role in our lives. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us re-think where our priorities lay. With the world being in the crumbles of medical terror, the health department has proved itself the most valuable institution of our lives. You cannot stress enough on the benefits of pharma department in this said crisis.

 By researching and creating required medicines, inventing vaccines from the scratch, and manufacturing medical devices, pharma companies are our best shot at surviving in the given time. And as a regular consumer of health supplements, you might be familiar with a lot the pharma companies in question.

Colorado, a state in the US is home to multiple pharma companies. From bioscience companies to orthopedic researches, the state has a variety of pharmaceutical manufactures. But before starting our list of pharma companies in Colorado, let us try to understand what a pharma company exactly is.

Pharma Company

If we put in simple words, a pharma company is an institution that manufactures pharmaceutical products. Be it medicines,medical devices, health supplements or medicinal steroid, pharma is the umbrella term for all the healthcare drugs. You can find every sort of products in a big pharma company; however, some deal in only specialized items.

But it is not fair to consider pharma companies only as the manufactures of the drug products. They research, develop and test everything before manufacturing the items for commercial use. So, you can understand the drugs that is consumed by us have been thoroughly processed by them before our usage.

It is only the contribution of pharma companies that we are able to proceed with a healthy life. And the scientists involved in the researching and developing of these medicines are basically our heroes. Imagine if there was no medicine for food poisoning, one person could plainly die of diarrhea.

And along with producing medicines for our physical health, they also manufacture medicines for mental health. From making anti-depressants to ADHD medicines, pharma companies have helped us having a calm and less anxious life. With helping us in getting on with our everyday life, pharma companies have defiantly made a difference.

The differences pharmaceutical scientists and pharma companies have made in our lives are visible. Just 1000 years ago, an average human lived up to 25-30 years. Today, we have come far enough that our average life expectancy has reached 72.6 years. You yourself can fathom how much the medicinal health department has helped us in our lives.

With over thousands of pharma companies in the world, the medical science companies are at their peak. In fact, there are 451 generic pharmaceutical companies in the USA only.  It is safe to say our life circles around the pharma companies in ways we don’t always recognize.

List of the Biggest Pharma Companies in Colorado

Going back to our list, we have listed 12 pharma companies in Colorado for you:

01. AtyuBioScience

When listing the biggest pharma companies in Colorado, we have to put AtyuBioScience first. Having a good prestige for dealing in pediatric and redox-modulated conditions, the company has gained a reputation amongst the pharma companies.

Speciality healthcare is focused on researching and developing treatments for rare diseases and pediatric-onset. And a rare condition that this company focuses on is providing the most effective treatment for ADHD. It is their goal to help children who are suffering from ADHD have comfortable and productive lives.

AytuBioScience also has its focuses on developing a treatment for urological diseases and related conditions. Being one of the biggest pharma companies in Colorado, it is definitely a medicinal firm you should look out for.

The company has 100 employees and generates a revenue of $27.6 million. Although the company is not large, it has the potential to reach heights in the coming years.

02. TOLMAR Holdings

Another not-so-large but potential pharma company, TOLMAR Holdings was founded in 2009. Based in Fort Collins of Colorado, the company has made its name in the field of medical sciences. The company manufactures in-licensed and generic products.

The company’s chemists, engineers and research scientists have altogether made a high-end portfolio of the pharma firm. If you are looking for a trustworthy pharma company, TOLMAR Holdings, Inc is definitely a great choice. The tagline of the company states “it is our mission to develop innovative pharmaceutical solutions to serve patients in need”.

Talking about their primary focus, the company makes a wide range of dermatology products. Another treatment that the company focuses on is prostate cancer. One of the sole objectives of the company is to create ELIGARD for the treatment of prostate cancer. You can see from their portfolio that they are dedicated to their cause.

With 200 employees, the company generates an annual revenue of $1.8 million.

03. Macleod

How can we leave out the biggest company that produces medicinal products for our lovable pets? Founded in 1986, Macleod produces wide range of veterinary products for your dearest pets.

One of most known production of the company is Uniprim, a medicine that is made with trimethoprim and sulfadiazine. This prescription only medicine has the antibacterial properties that can cure many infections in animals.

Amongst all of the pharma companies in our list, Macleod is one of the key players. With over 6, 272 employees, the company has an annual revenue of $240 million

04. Trifecta Medical

One of the most ringed names of the region when it comes to orthopedic field, Trifecta Medical is a popular name.

Focusing mainly on producing pharmaceutical treatment products for orthopedic cases and manufacturing trays for surgeries, the company is a well-known pharma firm. You can definitely depend on this company for orthopedical devices.

With roughly 50 employees, Trifecta Medical generates an annual revenue of $690, 000.

05. Pharmacy Choices

One of the most potential options when it comes to pharma, Pharmacy Choices is definitely a brand you should consider.

Dealing in many medicinal drugs, the company has built a good reputation over the years. Their website can help you in ordering your desired medicine from them.

With over 107 employees, the company makes an annual revenue of $5.8 million.

06. Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center

One of the most popular companies of Colorado, Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center is a big name in the pharma field. Founded in 2003, the company loves to hire the local graduates of the state.

In case you are looking to apply in a pharma firm, the company is a very good option. Dealing in different dimensions of medicinal drugs, the company is definitely one of the biggest pharma companies in Colorado.

With over 1, 000 employees, the company has an annual turnover of $29 million.

07. Senior Care-Colorado

Another good name in the field of pharma sciences, Senior Care-Colorado is a well-known pharmaceutical company.

With offering variety of medicines for different uses, the Colorado company is an important and good company you can depend on.

With barely 30 employees, the company has an annual return of $5.5 million.

08. Mountain View Medical group

A well established and respected name, Mountain View Medical Group is a popular pharma company.

There are various offices of the company across the Pikes Peak region. With a core goal of offering the best possible healthcare facility to the people of the region, the company produces various medicinal products.

With 123 employees, the company has a turnover of $5.9 million.

09. Quality Biomedical

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Quality Biomedical is an efficient company when it comes to providing healthcare’s operational efficiency.

With manufacturing medicinal drugs, the company also provides expertise in technology to improve the quality-of-service management program of its customers.

With only 30 employees, the company has an annual revenue of $290, 000.

10. STAQ Pharma

Another popular name in the filed of pharmaceutical sciences, STAQ Pharma is a leading pharma company.

Focusing mainly on manufacturing pediatric products, the company is definitelya medicine brand you should give a try.

With only 28 employees, the company has a turnover of $470, 000.

11. Ocutronics

Integrated in 2002, Ocutronics is an emerging pharma company, based in Denver, Colorado.

The prime focus of the company is developing technology for retinal imaging. The “fundus” cameras are then used for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy.

12. Rx Pro Health

The last name on our list is a Rx Pro Health, a small pharma company dealing with different medicinal drugs.

With roughly 35 employees, the company has an annual turnover of $1 million.


We have listed the biggest pharma companies of Colorado for you. You can choose your go-to pharmaceutical companies with a better understanding of their portfolio. With the increase in the need for medicinal products, it is wise to stay well-informed. So, make sure you choose the best brand for your daily dose of medicinal drugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pharma companies are there in USA?

There are 451 generic pharma companies in the USA.

Which is the world’s biggest pharma company?

Pfizer Inc is regarded as the world’s biggest pharma company.

Which is the richest pharma company?

Johnson & Johnson is probably the world’s richest pharma company.

Is pharmacy a good career?

Pharmacists have steady and good income while having flexible hours.

Which country is the largest contributor in pharmaceutical sciences?

China is currently the world’s biggest producer in pharma sciences. 

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