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10 Biggest IT Companies In Perth 2022

Over the years, IT companies have been making a huge difference in our technological world. Since their first big break in 1955, Information Technology has become one of the biggest faces in the tech advanced world. And if you are wondering, IT companies in Perth too are pivotal in the field.

Allowing generations of people to enjoy the benefits of computer technology, IT companies are making a huge difference. From taking care of the core software to hardware, these companies are playing a vital role in not only customer satisfaction but also employment field. You might be surprised to know that a survey has found that around 55.3 million people around the world are working in the IT sectors.

And you can easily understand their popularity by looking around yourself. Dozens of people around the world are using the benefits daily. Right now, you yourself are taking the benefits provided by such companies. Hence, you can understand why there are thousands IT companies around the world. Perth is home to numerous IT companies itself.

List of the IT companies in Perth

We have prepared a list of the IT companies in Perth that are considered to be the region’s best. Let us hop on to the list:

01. Core IT Solutions

Let us start our list with Australia’s one of the biggest IT companies, Core IT Solutions. Known for being a trailblazer in the field of information technology, the company has made a big name for itself.

No wonder the company got an amazing response from the users when they launched their product VMware Solutions. Trusted for their efficiency and hard work, you can hear mostly positive reviews from the clients. They provide their services in various areas, including IT Consulting, Anti-Virus, Asset Management, Anti-Virus Software, Core Services, Email Archiving, House Service, Hybrid Cloud, Innovative IT solutions, Malware Protection, Managed Printing, Mobile Device Management and many more.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 2/234 Pier St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Website: www.coreitsultions.net.au

Phone number: +61 8 9200 6030

02. CBM Corporate

Inaugurated in 1971, CBM Corporate has made itself popular as one of biggest IT companies in Perth. With their constant services in multiple disciplines, they are helping the customers in getting ahead.

Given their list of services in almost every technological field, you can understand their popularity. CBM Corporate pays the same amount of attention to big companies and individual clients. Some of the are areas they provide their services are Home Audio Systems, Application Hosting, IT Consulting, Audio Visual Repair, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cloud Computing, Communication Solution, Computer Security, Data Loss Prevention, Electronic Conveyancing, Enterprise Network, Hosted IT solutions, IT for Accounts, Microsoft Cloud Services, Ongoing Support and many more.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: Level 2/600 Murray St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Website: www.cbm.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 9242 1000

03. TechnologyOne

Standing up to its name, TechnologyOne has become one of Australia’s biggest IT companies with having decades of experience. Since 1987, the company has been working as a dominant sector in the technological field.

Their Saas ERP Software has made them one of the biggest players in this domain. With products like Syllabus Plus, Spatial, Supply Chain Management and Student Management, the company is evolving to be better every single day. When it comes to providing IT services, TechnologyOne is popular for their contribution in Platform Consulting, Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, New Project Consulting and Application Managed Services.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 999 Hay St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Website: www.technologyonecorp.com

Phone number: +61 8 9210 2300

04. HELLO PEOPLE- Mobile App and Software Developers

Do not misjudge the company because it is slightly new. Since its integration in 2008, HELLO PEOPLE has been dedicatedly serving in the sphere. With over 12 years of experience, they have worked on designing and developing more than 300 projects.

If you check their Google reviews, you can understand people’s love for them. With the help of a dedicated and friendly team, HELLO PEOPLE has been serving best services. And when it comes to services, they are most known for their expertise in Application Development, Mobile App Development, Software Consulting, API Development, UX Design, UI Design, Custom Software development, Job Management System, Membership System and many more.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: level 1/28 Ord St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Website: www.hellopeople.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 6113 1284

05. RechDilation Pty Ltd.

Another company which falls in the category of newer ones, RechDilation has become one of the bests in the field. With having over seven years of experience, the company has more than a rate of 97% customer retention.

Having a professional culture, the company is appreciated by all its customers. In fact, the employees of TechDilation too show their admiration towards them. Providing a wide range of services, they are mostly known for their contribution in IT Consulting, Mobile App development, Software Consulting, Solution Consulting, Web Design, Web Development, Application Development and Custom Software Development. In case you want any of these services, you should give them a try.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 23 Altona St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia

Website: techdilation.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 9221 8122

06. HCL Australia Services Pty Ltd

One of the biggest IT companies in Perth, the journey of HCL Australia started from Sydney.  And with its 20 years of experience in the ground of information technology, it has become Australia’s one o the most prominent companies.

You might be surprised to know that HCL has bagged the 3rd position in being Australia’s biggest employer. They also won MuleSoft’s APAC award in 2019 for their excellent growth. When it comes to services, they are best known for Application Development, Software Consulting, IT Consulting, Software Development, Solution Consulting and Software Development Outsourcing.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 2 Mill Street, Part of Level 5, Perth WA 6005 Australia

Website: www.hcltech.com

Phone number: +61 2 8081 5800

07. Epic IT

Called one of the best computer consultants in North Perth, Epic IT has without a doubt justifies its name. Integrated in 2006, Epic IT has established itself as one of the leaders of information technology all over Australia.

And their popularity shouldn’t be bewildering to you. By satisfying their customers with their wide range of services in this field, they are indeed worthy of their fame. To understand better, you need to learn more about their best services. Some of their services include Client Support, Asset Management, Cloud Migration, Data Breach, Cloud Solution, Cycle Management, Data Security, IT Solutions, Digital Transformation, Managed Network, Office Relocation, Remote Monitoring, Remote Support, network Security, Strategy Planning, System Audits, Virtual CIO Services and SharePoint Services.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 62 Angrove St, North Perth WA 6006, Australia

Website: www.epicit.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 9228 2945

08. TechGigz Solutions PTY LTD

While talking about creativity and innovation, we cannot keep TechGigz Solutions out of the list. By providing tireless services in the area of information technology, their ideas have made them one of the top IT companies in Perth.

TechGigz Solutions is recognized for their huge contribution in different services. If you are looking for a flexible and versatile company, they are amongst your best options. By providing their services in Installation, Content Marketing, Business Services, Creative Brief, Graphic Design, IT Infrastructure, Logo Sketching, Marketing Specialist, SEO, Server Support, Strategy Revies, UI Design, Web Designing and many more, they have brought a lot to the table.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: Level 27, S Martins Towe, 44 St Georges Terrace, Perth AW 6000, Australia

Website: www.techgigz.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 6383 9983

09. TechBrain- IT Services Perth

Since their establishment in late 90s, TechBrain has become a vital key player in information technology. Having decades of experience, they have brought many new services and ideas.

With contributing enormously in the sector of Cyber Security and Cloud computing, they are valued by everyone. You can find out that they are most popular for their services in IT Consulting, Cloud Hosting, Data Recovery, Fixed Free Managed Services, House IT Support, IT Security, IT Asset Management, IT Soltuins, Managed IT Solutions and many more.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 70 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

Website: www.techbrain.com.au

Phone number: +61 8 9201 2340

10. Hatchet ® Software Development, Apps, Databases & Web

Last but not the least, Hatchet is the final company on our list. With their tireless efforts in the domain of technology, they have won a spot as a key player in the field.

When it comes to uniqueness, Hatchet is always a leader. Proving in services in multiple regions, the company is valued for its efficiency. Some of its best-known services are Web Design, Software Development, Web Hosting and Web Applications.

Wondering how to contact them? We have noted down their contact details below:

Address: 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Website: www.hatchet.com.au

Phone number: +61 9 9465 7310


Have you decided which company speaks the most to your needs? With the list of all the biggest IT companies in Perth, you can select your best option.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Google has its office in Australia?

Google has officially launched its new office in Melbourne, Australia.

How many companies are there in Australia?

There are 2,402,254 registered companies in Australia.

Which is the biggest technology company in the world?

With a net worth of $274.51 Billion, Apple is regarded as the biggest technology company in the world.

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