18 Best Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China 2023

If you are looking for the best Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China, then, you have landed at the right place. Through this post, I will try to guide you on how to select the best Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China. Fashion has become one of the biggest industries around the world. From Met Gala to Paris fashion week, clothing accessories, jewelry, bags, and shoes are one of the hottest topics surrounding the world. However, when it comes to us common people, there is a popular stigma that most affordable clothes are made in China. Today in this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the Women’s Clothing Not Made In China.

Most of the big brands have their stores and producers in China. Make-up brands that identify to be cruelty-free often allow their products to be tested in the region. Although, there are indeed some exceptions. Big designers brand too have their manufacturers in China. In fact, some of the brands highly depend on Chinese production to carry on with their production. In this situation, it might be difficult for you to find non-Chinese clothing brands.

Whatever may be your reason for not opting for Chinese manufacturers, there are plenty of options you can go for. Whether you are a consumer or a Chinese clothing producer and want to shift out of the domain or simply do not like their products, it is always wise to do your research. Around the world, there many ethical fashion brands that can pique your interest.

List of the best Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China

In our list, there are umpteen women’s clothing not made in China. Some of them produce only female apparels while a lot of them are manufacturers on unisex clothes. Around the whole world, there are numerous big brands which you can replace your made in China clothes with. Without any further relay, let us jump onto the list of the best Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China:

01. Pact Apparel

Pact Apparel Women clothing

Based in USA, Pact Apparel is one of the emerging brands based in the USA. With a simple mission of running their fashion brand successfully while looking after the planet, they have indeed established their name. Making ethical and organic clothing line for both men and women, they have indeed made their clothing brand stand out. By choosing their casuals, outwears and basics, you can indeed give your wardrobe an affordably fashionable look.

02. The Road

The road women pink dress

One of the finest producers of organic clothes in Australia, The Road has indeed made a good name for itself in its specific domain. They will introduce you to the best quality substantially made basics. Although they mostly deal in tees and underwear, the company offers a wide variety in them. And the best part about them is that they treat their workers respectfully and pay them the deserved payroll. Also, their ethically made organic cloth will look good and feel better on you.

03. The Nude Label

The nude level clothing

Have you ever been disappointed by not finding the comfiest pair of underwear? Then you can definitely benefit from the clothing products of The Nude Label. Based in Spain, the company is a pioneer when it comes to underwear. Their comfortable, fashionable and organic innerwear can make you feel both comfortable and confident. And the best part is, they make clothing for almost all sizes so there are limited chances that you will not find what you are looking for.

04. Swoon Swimwear

Swoon Swimwear Beach Wrap Cover-Up

Founded by Kristy Kleist, Swoon Swimwear is a US based company that makes varieties of swimwear. You can get a magazine worthy look by switching to their line of beachwear. By it a bikini or bodysuit, they make the best-looking swimwear. And unlike some brands, they source all their raw materials ethically and organically. The best part is that their swimwear is made with caution and they will most likely last long.

05. Mata Traders

Callie Long Sleeve Plus Size Wrap Dress Mod Teal

Based in the USA, Mata Traders was founded by three best friends who visited India. They make colorful and vibrant clothes that gives you an Indo-Western vibe. Mostly, their different line of clothing for both women and men follow a specific textile pattern. Mata Traders’ clothes are handcrafted by economically backward people belonging from India and Nepal. So by buying from them, you will not only make your wardrobe aesthetic but also ensure steady income of the poor communities.

06. Monkee Jeans

Monkee Jeans Colette Wide Leg Cropped Jean in Pink

An UK based line of clothing and accessories, Monkee Jeans give your wardrobe a fresh and chic look. Their focal motive is to make sustainable fashion look stylish and fabulous. Their clothes are bright and affordable, contradicting to the popular belief that organic and sustainable clothes are costly and boring. Monkee Jeans long lasting clothes so you can keep your favorite pair of denim pants in your closet for a very long time.

07. Mayamiko


Another brand based in the UK, Mayamika deals in clothes, homewares and accessories. They have indeed made ethical trading and sustainable clothing look fun. Most of their products are produced in Mawali and their designs are inspired by African traditional patterns and prints. Over the years of their business, they have introduced tons of organic and beautiful clothes. Buying their dresses can definitely give your closet a healthy makeover.

08. Citizens and Darling

Founded in the USA, Citizens and Darling is not only a fashion brand but also a philanthropist organization. Along with making amazing apparel for their consumers, they are also busy in fighting the ever-growing pandemic of human trafficking. All of the clothing they make is made by workers who are fairly paid and not exploited as factory slaves. In fact, the brand donates 10% of their profit on every purchase to the charity organizations that are fighting against human trafficking.

09. Boody

Boody Goodnight Sleep Tee

Can you imagine wearing clothes from bamboos? Well, a lot of fashion brands has it made it possible. And amongst them, this Australia based fashion business is also making fashionable and trendy clothes with bamboo. Boody is dedicated to manufacturing fashionable clothing while making sure that the ecology isn’t hurt. By going for their clothing brand, you can treat yourself with a chic closet that will last for long.

10. Bibico


Started in a farmhouse in the UK, Bibico is a clothing brands that makes sustainable clothes for exclusively women. Without a doubt, they are one of the best women’s clothing not made in China you can opt for. Their knitwear, trendy dresses and sophisticated basics will indeed improve the oulook of your wardrobe and help you meet the trend. You might be amused to know that Snow and her team has received certification from WFTO.

11. Armed Angels


Whether you want a buy a cozy t-shirt for yourself or a nice pair of jeans for your partner, Armed Angels might have your solution. Based in Germany, the fashion brand has dubbed themselves as the “Robin Hood” of fashion industry. All of their casuals and fashion forward clothes are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Adding to that, their supply chain fully depends on raw materials derived from Germany. With growing as a fashion team, they are also constantly trying to fight social injustice.

12. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Women's Sweatshirt, Washed Terry Throwback Pullover

Another made in USA brand that can significantly make you forget women’s clothing made in China; Alternative Apparel is thriving. Destroying the popular belief that sustainable clothing is costly, they give you the access to affordable organic clothing. Their wide range of casuals and basics for both men and women can indeed give your closet a trendy look. All of the fabrics they use are recycles fabrics and organic cotton, which are made in factory where the workers are paid a fair wage.

13. Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans Easy Go - Used Stone

Bert van Son, the founder of Mud Jeans worked at a fast fashion clothing company in China before starting his own company in the Netherlands. He had firsthand experience in the exploitation and downside of the fashion industry. For which, he decided to start his own line of clothing that would include only fair trade and sustainable materials. And over the years, they have been successful in creating an environment friendly brand while making sure that you can remain stylish.

14. Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal THE SERIES Yoyo Jean

A subsidiary part of the famous US based clothing brand Urban Outfitters, Urban Renewal aims in creating an eco-friendly brand. Their cute and comfortable vintage dresses can make you fall in love with their catalogue. The main aim of this company is to make dresses using repurpose vintage materials to reduce industrial waste. And for a long time now, they have been successfully making their customers happy with their topnotch fashionable and organic clothes.

15. Threads for Thought

Threads for Thought Aubrey Cropped V-neck

Have ever wanted to explore eco-friendly sportswear? Then this US-based activewear brand is something you should opt for. Threads for Thought make unisex sportswear for a very affordable price. Their fine range of collections will amaze you, given they are completely sustainable. Be it leggings, sports bra or tank top, their line of clothing has the potential to meet your fashion needs. Additionally, they also produce a fine selection of casual wear.

16. The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond HYDRUS DRESS

Just like their name, the company will go beyond your expectations when it comes to providing a fine collection women’s clothing. Based in Australia, The Great Beyond is an ethical fashion manufacturing company that uses bamboo-based fabric. You will love their versatile range of clothing that will definitely fit your skin and appearance. Probably the best part about their clothing is that they are biodegradable. So, you won’t need to preserve the torn dress in your classic wardrobe anymore.

17. Sotela


A major problem of fast fashion brands is that they mostly focus on portraying female body in an ideal form. Sotela, an US based company is constantly trying to change that. Their sustainable line of clothing focuses on promoting body positivity by both making all size clothes and hiring plus size models. And when it comes to clothing, their eco-friendly fabric will have a long-lasting impression on you. They carry out their ethics even while packing by using only recyclable materials.

18. Sancho’s Dress

Sancho’s Dress Caroline Seed Print Dress in Beige

Last but not the least, Sancho’s Dress is one of the best alternatives of women’s clothing made in China. Based in the UK, the clothing brand started business by observing the state of fast fashion on developing countries. They deal in womenswear, menswear, accessories and homewares. All of their materials are ethically derived. Every time, the buy organic or recyclable fabrics from fair traders. You will most likely love their existing fashionable products.


Fashion has been evolving over time but unfortunately, fast fashion has become a huge problem in this area. By choosing women’s clothing not made in China, you can prominently create a good impact on the society. Fast fashion is not only harmful for the eco-system, but also for the economically backward people. So, make sure you choose the right Women’s Clothing brands Not Made In China for creating an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some big brands not made in China?

Brooks Brothers, Flynn Skye, Battenwear and Buck Mason are not made in China.

Which is the biggest luxury brand not made in China?

Gucci is one of the biggest luxury brands that does not have any production in China.

Is Chanel made in China?

No, Chanel is not made in China. Originally, they were only made in France but recently they have opened production units in Italy.

Is Prada produced in China?

Although most of Prada clothes are manufactured in Italy, they have production units in China.

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