5 Best waterproof rolling duffel bag (May 2023)

Most of us work too hard to live a life and in the end, regret the experiences we missed and opportunities we lost in doing so. Life is too short and even shorter are the windows in which we can get away from work to live that life. So, we need to plan accordingly. If traveling for a vacation is the way in which you want to relax, you need to learn how to travel light and make the most of the opportunities that you get.

Now, to be honest, there’s a lot that goes into a travel plan, especially a quick one, but it’s the small things that then make or break your experiences. One of those small things that we often overlook is the travel bags.

When you come to think about it, as I have, the ease of carrying, the space available, the ability to organize within the bag, the size of the bag, and more are all aspects that can greatly impact your experience. So, here what I plan to discuss is every aspect of traveling – packing. Love it or hate it, you’re going to have to do it. And for shorter holidays, a duffel bag is the best bet, according to me.

Duffel Bags are soft-sided bags with a shoulder strap or handles. But, due to their soft-sides, they are more at risk of getting wet during rainstorms, accidental splashes, etc. That is why you should not take any chance and straightaway purchase a waterproof duffel.

Duffel bags are dominating the global market lately. They are versatile and are most commonly used for camping, air traveling, going to the gym or outdoor sports, etc. They come in different shapes and sizes which you can choose according to your requirements.

Duffel bags are good not just for carrying items, but they can also be used to store things at home. For example, you can store your fall clothing during the summer and vice versa, and by doing so, your closet will not get overstuffed and you can always stay organized. And if you are using this bag for camping or any outdoor activities, it is important to get a waterproof rolling duffel bag, because you can never be very sure of the changing weather. Today, in this post I will try to guide you to select the best waterproof rolling duffel bag.

Types of Waterproof Duffels

You will find three different types of waterproof duffels in the market. In order to pick the right one, you must know about them properly and understand which type fits your requirements the best.

01. Classic Duffels

These types of waterproof duffels are soft, large, tubular bags that come with handles and shoulder straps. It is a waterproof version of the regular traditional style duffel bags, which are made using water-resistant materials.

02. Dry Duffels

This type of duffel bag comes with a tight tube, that bestows a watertight seal, which is very useful if you are kayaking and paddling with your bag. Besides, dry duffels come with zippers that make the bag super accessible and have handles that allow you to have better portability.

03. Rolling Duffel bags

This type of waterproof duffel is a fusion between a regular duffel bag and a piece of wheeled luggage. They are more convenient and come with wheels attached at the bottom of the bag, which make it the best while you are traveling.  

Well, we hope that now having read about waterproof rolling duffel bags, you might like to just go out and get one. But it is not that easy a job, you need to do research and find out which options are worth giving a shot, and which ones to maintain a distance from. We have done that part of your work through our extensive research process and listed some of the best waterproof rolling duffel bags for you. So, let’s not make you wait any longer and find out which ones you should consider buying.

List of best Waterproof Rolling Duffel Bag

Following is the list of the best Waterproof Rolling Duffel Bag

01. Gonex 60L Water Repellent Duffel Bag Backpack
  • This bag from Gonex comes
    with a practically designed
    shoe compartment.
  • It is very affordable and
  • It has a sleek and classy
  • It comes with backpack
  • The zipper lining of this
    product is not waterproof.

This waterproof duffel bag is one of the best options that you can get at such a reasonable price range. It comes with backpack straps so that you can comfortably carry heavy weight while you are camping. It has a capacity of 40 liters and yet it is very spacious. It has a sleek and classy design, which will surely make people drop their jaws as you pass by. Its attractive looks are not all that it offers, in fact, you can carry anything in it and carry it every day.

It has a large U-shaped zipper opening and multiple zipper pockets for organizing. Additionally, there are separate shoe compartments which is just like a cherry on top of your delicious cake. What? Are you impressed already? Hold your horses, because there’s more. The material used in this product is heavy-duty PVC, which will keep all your belongings dry even during heavy rainfall. This bag is versatile and can be used on a regular basis.

Gonex 60L Water Repellent Duffel Bag Backpack Outdoor large things to store
Gonex 60L Water Repellent Duffel Bag Backpack Outdoor for hiking and camping
Gonex 60L Water Repellent Duffel Bag Backpack Outdoor light bag
Gonex 60L Water Repellent
Duffel Bag Backpack
Thule Subterra Carry On Roller 22"
02. Thule Subterra Carry On Roller 22″
  • It has separate compartments
    for different purposes.
  • It comes with an inner
    compression panel.
  • It has highly efficient
    wheels which can help
    you glide the luggage
  • It provides the best
    waterproof protection.
  • The bag is not very big
    in size.
  • The price of this product is
    a bit towards the higher side.

Thule Subterra Wheeled Duffel is everything that you can ask for from your travel bag. It is one of the best-wheeled luggage that you can find in the market. Besides, it is compact in size, therefore you can take it as a carry-on with you on your plane. It has a molded polycarbonate back panel, two heavy-duty wheels, and a soft, water-resistant duffel exterior, which makes it one of its kind.

The interior of this bag is divided into two compartments so that you can keep your wet and dirty clothes away from your dry and clean clothes. It also has an internal compression panel which you can use to store more items. Its highly efficient wheels will help you slide smoothly through the crowd in the airport. Isn’t it everything that you want? Go for it and enjoy your trip in a classy manner.

Thule Subterra Carry On Roller
Thule Subterra Carry On Roller large space inside
Thule Subterra Carry On Roller light weight
Thule Subterra Carry On Roller 22″
03. Bago Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels
  • It comes with heavy-duty
    two-way zippers, break
    -resistant pullers with
    rain flaps, durable
    buckles, and clips.
  • It has a detachable padded
    shoulder strap, and two
    bag handles, which will
    help you carry this
    bag effortlessly.
  • This bag is available in
    different sizes and colors
    to choose from according
    to your preferences.
  • The quality of this product is questionable

This duffel bag from Bago will help you travel peacefully. It is a wheeled bag, so now you can easily glide it through the rough crowd. With this bag, you will never complain that your bag is not having extra storage for all your travel essentials.

It is light in weight and thus will not cost you extra while traveling on a plane. Carry precious gifts for your friends and family in it and say goodbye to the bulky luggage. This bag has 2 front pockets, 1 pocket towards the side, and 1 pocket inside the bag, which will ensure that there is room for everything.

Bago Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels  huge XL capacity
Bago Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels  A reliable travel essential
Bago Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels  foldable weels duffel bag
Bago Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels
04. CHUN QIANG CAI DESIGN Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels
  • This bag is made of
    high-density tear-resistant
    1680D Oxford.
  • It comes with heavy-duty
    wheels, which allows you
    to have smooth mobility.
  • It is a multipurpose bag
    which can work as a
    travel bag, travel suitcases,
    foldable weekender bag,
    sports bag, etc. according
    to your requirements.
  • There are not many color
    options in this product.

This duffel bag can be a blessing to you if you are looking for something sturdy and durable. It is made of high-density tear-resistant 1680D Oxford, and reinforced stitching at the joints, solid and strong. It doesn’t just have an attractive look but also has a practical design.

It has a large capacity where you can fit everything that you want and sturdy wheels, which make it extremely portable. Besides, it takes up minimal space and won’t take much space in your car, also you can easily fold and keep it in your closet while you are not using it. Further, it is perfect for family camping, road trip, self-driving trip, and outdoor activities. So, now what are you waiting for? Bring home this duffel bag and start planning your next trip.

Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels light weight
Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels duffle bag
Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels waterproof resistance
Duffle Bag with Wheels
05. DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling Wheeled Duffle Bag
  • This product has different
    handles for easy and
    comfortable carrying.
  • It is made from recycled
    plastic bottles and
    is an eco-friendly option.
  • It comes with patented SECURITECH zip.
  • It comes with different
    pockets for different
    items, like shoes,
    medicine, etc.
  • The material of this product is
    not very pleasing.

DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling Wheeled Duffle Bag is an easy-to-carry bag. It comes with different handles which will enhance your traveling experience and your carrying experience as well. It provides full protection from water and is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it extremely eco-friendly. It comes with patented SECURITECH zip, which is more secure than any other zippers. Thus, you can ensure full security of your belongings, while you are traveling. It has ample space inside and has different pockets specifically designed for shoes, accessories, medicines, etc.

DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling Wheeled Duffle Bag with wheel system
DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling Wheeled Duffle Bag leight weight to carry
DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling Wheeled Duffle Bag opening with two equal size
DELSEY Paris Raspail Rolling
Wheeled Duffle Bag

How to select the best waterproof rolling bag: A Buying Guide?

Waterproof rolling bags are not inexpensive; thus, you must ensure that you are spending your money into the right product. Now, how will you do that? Very simple! You just have to look for the following important factors before making a purchase:

01. Waterproofing

Obviously, if you are searching for waterproof bags, the first thing that will come into your mind is if the bag is waterproof enough to keep your belongings dry while it rains. Ensure that you don’t get fooled, as some bags are made of water repellent material which helps in keeping your contents moisture free only during light rain. Whereas, there are some bags that come with waterproof zippers, welded seams, etc. which will keep your belongings dry even while it rains heavily, or you jump out of a boat for some extra adventure. Thus, get a bag that is equally efficient during the heavy rainfall as well.  

02. Weight

Next factor that you must consider before buying a bag is the weight that the bag can bare and its weight as well. It is an important factor if you are shopping for any luggage. It is always better to know the capacity of your bag, but it is more important to understand how many extra pounds will your bag add up while you are traveling. The best thing is to get your hands on a lightweight bag so that you can enjoy accommodating your extras.

03. Organization pockets

While you are excited about your trip and pack your items in a bag with just one compartment, you might not realize, that later the struggle in finding them will be a tough one. Whereas, if you organize your items separately in smaller compartments, you can easily find them. For that, it is important that your waterproof rolling duffel bag must have small pockets inside or outside its body. In that way, your bag won’t become a black hole, and you can have an organized bag throughout your trip.

04. Carry options and straps

Well, duffel bags are convenient, and can hold so much gear, but let’s not overlook the fact that duffels can be quite heavy. Thus, it is best if you go for a bag that you can mount on your back as a backpack, or that comes with a properly padded shoulder strap, which will not add up stress on your body while carrying it.

Well, a waterproof rolling duffel bag is everything that you need for an uninterrupted trip. However, they are not very cheap, but their features justify every penny that you spend on it. You can get a duffel bag with 80 litters capacity and can pack everything that you might need during your trip. However, make sure that your bag has small compartments or pockets so that you don’t the to play a treasure hunt competition, every time you look for something inside it. Besides, with duffel bags, you can get multiple carrying options, like backpack style, padded shoulder strap, etc. which will help you eliminate stress while you are carrying it.

Well, there is another advantage of duffel bags, they are environment friendly as well. Why are you confused? Thinking how can a bag be environment friendly? The answer to these questions is the materials used in making duffel bags can be recycled and ethically manufactured. It is a nice feeling to know that your purchase is not bringing any negativity but, instead is putting a good impact on the environment.

We hope that this article was helpful to you in gathering all the required details related to the best waterproof rolling duffel bags. Besides, we also understand that many questions might come into a buyer’s mind while they are out shopping. Thus, we have attached a Frequently Asked Questions section in this article, where we have answered some very commonly asked questions related to duffel bags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are duffel bags usually waterproof?
Well, not all duffel bags are waterproof. Some duffels are made of absorbent fabrics, which might get dried easily but won’t protect the contents inside from moisture. If you want a waterproof duffel bag, go for the one that is made using water-repellent materials.
How much should you expect to spend on a waterproof duffel bag?
Well, if you are looking for a waterproof duffel bag in a certain budget you can expect to spend around $50 to $150. However, if you can push your budget a little higher, you can get some premium quality duffel bags which will cost around $400.
How do you waterproof a canvas duffel bag?
It might be a surprise to you, but it is true that you can transform a canvas duffel bag to a waterproof one. All you need to do is use sealant sprays on the canvas bag and make them waterproof. However, it is best if you carry waterproof gears inside such bags.
Do you need a waterproof duffel bag?
It entirely depends on your requirements that you need or don’t need a waterproof duffel. But, if you are planning to swim, boat, or travel in rain-prone areas, in that case getting a waterproof duffel bag can be a wise decision.
What’s the difference between waterproofing and water resistance?
There is a major difference between waterproofing and water resistant, which most people fail to understand.
Generally, water resistance will help you keep your belongings moist and free from a certain amount of water during light-to-moderate rain, whereas waterproofing will provide complete protection from any amount of water.
When is the best time to buy a duffel bag?
There is no best time to get out for a trip, thus you must stay prepared always. While you are thinking to buy a duffel bag you can buy it around March if you can wait, as luggage is more likely to go on sale during that time of the year.

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