Top 10 Security Companies In Winnipeg 2023

Canada is probably one of the leading countries when it comes to security and companies. Almost all of its cities have numbers of security services companies. And amongst them, Winnipeg is also a home to numerous security service companies. We have prepared a list of the biggest security companies in Winnipeg for you. But before that, let us take a moment to discuss about them.

Rapid crime growth has made it important for security forces to always be steady. However, it is quite impossible for institutional forces to always be available. While visiting a store, you might have noticed guards checking the receipts and managing the crowd. This entire process is run with the help of private security companies.

Since the rate of public havoc has been increasing almost every day, it is important for security to always be on feet. Over the years, private security companies have made a stupendous impact in this field. Be it grocery stores of fundraisers, no place can simply run without a private security company. Which explains their enormous popularity around the world.

List of the best security companies in Winnipeg

Let us not waste anymore time and straightly jump onto the list of the best security companies in Winnipeg:

01. SK Security Services

SK Security Services

For the past 10 years, SK Security Services has been tirelessly servicing the people of Winnipeg. Unequivocally, they are one of the best companies when it comes to a friendly and professional environment.

People around the city appreciate them for their structured services. We certainly hope that you will be benefitted by their services. SK Security is most popular for providing services like commercial security, alarm systems, event security, mobile security, construction site security, security camera installations, mobile security, parking enforcement, residential security and parking lot security.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 857 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0C5, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-772-4135

02. Preferred Protection & Response Services Ltd.

Preferred Protection & Response Services Ltd

With more than 5 years of experience in the field, Preferred Protection and Response Services has established a good reputation. Although, we can understand their popularity by looking at the reviews.

Because of their constant effort in making security services more accessible and reliable, people of Winnipeg love them. Given their flexible services, you can easily rely on them for your personal or administrational security. They play a pivotal role in areas like concierge services, fire watch, home services, CCTV monitoring, foot patrols, location services, mobile security services, public/private events, condominium security, retail security and loss prevention, uniformed security officers, static/on location guards, hospital security, construction security and commercial security.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 1079 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 3E8, Canada


Phone number: +1 431-336-6406

03. Boss Security

Boss Security

Just as their name states, Boss Security is undoubtedly one of the dominating companies in the area. And given their contribution in Brandon and Winnipeg, we can understand their popularity.

You can check their portfolio to confirm their coherence. Customers who have already availed their services respect and value Boss Security. When it comes to security, they are no way lagging anywhere. Some of their most remarkable services are alarm response, 24/7 customer service, facility management, construction security guard, car park security, fire prevention, home services, event security, loss prevention officer, corporate security, private investigation, retail loss prevention, security threats, site inspection, training program, property management and vehicle patrol.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 1477 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0K4, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-219-8099

04. Securitas

Securitas Logo

Having a decade long experience in the filed of security services, Securitas has built an incredible reputation. We can positively regard them as one of the best security companies in Winnipeg.

Of course, people do not love them for anything. By providing tireless services in the area, they have helped innumerable clients till now. Few of their commendable services are admin support, airport security, 24/7 security operations and dispatch center, alarm monitoring, commercial building security, aviation security, family assistance, construction site service, government security, fire prevention, increased security, home services, healthcare security, loss prevention, physical security, protective services, retail security, mobile security guards, logistic security, security system, security service for financial institutes, reference checks, tracking system and on-site security.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 1630 Ness Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3J 3X1, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-788-1697

05. DSI Security Systems

DSI Security Systems

Highly appreciated by both their clients and employees, DSI Security Systems has made a big name for themselves. With functioning efficiently in multi-dimensional sectors, the company has bagged everyone’s support.

Unlike most of the security companies, they do not provide a huge range of services. However, they are pioneers in their domain. If you select them, they will most probably give their finest services. The areas they are the currently offering services are installation, monitoring, general repairs, technical support and general repairs.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 1665 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0H3, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-985-1800

07. JamRock Security Winnipeg

JamRock Security Winnipeg

Security cameras are as important as armed/unarmed guards and JamRock Security Winnipeg is an ace here. With their prominent team, the company has been helping the people of the region to stay safe.

If you choose to take up their security services, they will bring the best to the table. JamRock is indeed a master in the services it provides. The most phenomenal services the company provide are installation + GSM communicator, video surveillance, file alarm, automation specialist, alarm systems, security service and camera installation.  

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 130 Scott St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0K8, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-880-1564

08. Commissaries- Winnipeg

Commissaries- Winnipeg

For the past decade, Commissaries has stood high as one of the biggest security companies in Winnipeg. Along with being known for being a great security company, the company is recognized for their friendly and kind staff.

But they are not just well-staffed, instead, well equipped too. Serving the locality with latest technological array, Commissaries can help you in your quest. And when it comes to private investigation, they are perhaps the best. Some of their best services are emergency services, background screening, security consultants, background checks, risk assessment, security guard training, mobile patrol, government security and security officers.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 870 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0P1, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-942-5993

09. Blackbird Security Winnipeg

Blackbird Security Winnipeg

Not only Winnipeg, Blackbird Security has been functioning as one of the prime security services in Canada. The company has their presence in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Winnipeg.

Leading in the security industry, the company has so far received mostly positive reviews on Google. Looking at their portfolio, we are certain that they deserve the position. You will most probably encounter a positive experience. The excel in services like elite suit and tie security, cyber security, private investigation, uniformed security, concierge services, loss prevention, mobile security, patrol security, private investigation, event security, mall security, mobile patrol and government security.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 330 St Mary Ave Suite 300, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z5, Canada


Phone number: +1 800-889-7096

10. Spyron Security

Spyron Security

The last security company in our list id Spyron Security. And although they stand last here, they are definitely one of Canada’s best security service companies.

Their trained team is always ready to provide diverse services in the company’s specialized filed. Spyron can offer you a delightful service in its specialized area. Their most known services are aviation security, concierge services, bodyguard services, CCTV installation, corporate security, first aid site attendants, hotel security, mobile patrol services, loss prevention security, special events, VIP protection, alarm response, bicycle patrol security, construction site security, corporate receptionists, female security guard, fire watch services, and executive and family protection.

Have their services caught your eyes? Then contact them via the information we have provided below:

Address: 76 Eagleview Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0M7, Canada


Phone number: +1 204-430-4268


Security comes first so make sure you go for the services that you feel the most confident about. From our list of the 10 best security companies in Winnipeg, you can choose the company that has the potential to fulfill your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the world’s biggest security company?
CAIC International is often called the world’s biggest security company.
Which is the oldest security company?
Established in 1859, Corps Security is perhaps the oldest security service company.
Which is Canada’s biggest security company?
Canadian Corp of Commissioners is one of the biggest security companies of Canada.

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