8 Best recliners for back and hip pain in the USA 2022

If you are looking for the best recliners for back and hip pain, then you are in the right place. Through, this post I will try to guide you on how to select the best recliners for back and hip pain. After a hard day of work, nothing sounds more relaxing than sinking into an extremely large and ultra-comfortable chair. Isn’t it? Due to their comfort and prevention of backaches, reclining chairs have seen a substantial amount of popularity over time. The prevalence of back and hip pain has increased in recent years.

People of all ages suffer from backaches caused by heavy work and sitting in uncomfortable chairs for long periods. It is also true that back and hip pain can also be caused by poor posture. Some chairs do not provide back support and comfort. In some chairs, there is no lumbar support, which results in pressure on the hip and back.

Therefore, back and hip pain sufferers need a special chair that meets their needs which we call a recliner chair. To relieve back and hip pain, choosing the right recliner chair is very important because it keeps your body in good health and makes you more comfortable. To help you make the right decision when purchasing one, I will discuss the eight best options and provide some additional information about them. So keep scrolling!

Types of Recliner Chairs for back and hip pain

Manual Recliner Chair- In manual recliners, the lever on the side of the chair controls the recline of recliner. This type of recliner is extremely affordable, but to adjust these chairs, you must have a fair amount of dexterity and strength. So, this type may not be ideal for you if you have back pain.

Electric Recliner Chair- Electric Recliner chairs are very popular because they combine reclining action with electric motors for added comfort. You can recline the chair with hardly any effort by pressing a button.

Electric Rise and Recline Chair- Customers’ top choices are the electric risers and recliner chairs because they have to recline and rise and tilting features. The chair is comfortable and easy to use. People with mobility problems will greatly benefit from these chairs, even though they are expensive.

Massaging Recliner Chair- An electronic chair that comes with massaging feature is called a massaging recliner chair. This chair will make you feel fresh and stress-free.

Massaging Rise and Recliner Chair- There is nothing better than a massaging rise and recline chair for ultimate luxury. Their price, however, is quite high. Although you will have to pay a bit, the benefits outweigh it. You can recline into your favorite position with a touch of a button. You can Lie back and relax with a soothing massage from head to toe. You can then rise from an almost upright position when you’re ready to do so.

Benefits of Recliners:

  • Reclining Chairs Provides alternative sitting positions.
  • A riser recliner gives you the flexibility to change your position, lowering your risk of developing pressure sores.
  • Your Made-to-measure can be customised to fit you perfectly.
  • Riser recliner chairs can shift positions at the touch of a button and improve circulation.
  • Riser recliner chairs are made to help you sit down and stand up.

List of some of the best recliners for back and hip pain

There is nothing more annoying and painful than having back pain. So, if you also suffer from chronic back and hip pain, then you are at the right place. I will analyze the best recliners in the following paragraphs. So keep reading!

01. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

 Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

It is crucial to buy a chair that allows you to properly align your spine when buying the best recliners for back and hip pain. This recliner will get all the features required for back pain. Also, you’ll get a good massage from your neck to your toes with this ergonomic Kahuna recliner chair.

Key features

  • The massage experience is personalized based on your body size using 3D scanning.
  • It is possible to sit in three different zero gravity positions on the seat
  • It  is also equipped with 36 first-generation air cells
  • The seat is designed to save space
  • The seat is cushioned so you can relax comfortably
  • The space-saving design makes it ideal for small spaces.
  • Back pain can be reduced by spinal alignment features.
  • The speed and intensity can be adjusted with the remote control.
  • It features excellent foot massage and zone massage.
  • The FDA also approves the product.
  • Blood circulation is improved, and back pain is reduced with heat therapy.
  • Heat intensity cannot be adjusted.

02. Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner

Esright Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner

When it comes to recliner chairs, Esright massage recliner chairs are the best because they are sturdy and will also last a long time. From massage options to motion features to lumbar and lower back heating, this chair has various features and options for ultimate back and hip pain relief.

Key features

  • For the back cushion, a thick sponge is used.
  • In addition to lumbar heating, the chair vibrates, rocks, and swivels 360°.
  • The ultimate at-hand comfort is provided by extra storage and two cup holders.
  • A manual recline control is available for 140° of recline.
  • It provides support and relief to the lower back.
  • High-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the chair.
  • The chair can be swiveled, rocked, and reclined.
  • It’s an excellent investment that’s affordable, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Some features won’t work without the massage mode (such as the heating function).

03. Human Touch perfect manual recliner

Human Touch perfect manual recliner

Sometimes, the price of recliner chairs matches the quality you get. This recliner will make your back feel like it’s in heaven, especially given its price. This recliner is perfect for you if you suffer from long-term or temporary back pain.

Key features

  • Reclining and elevating the chair can be adjusted exactly to the user’s preference.
  • The cervical pillow provides relaxation and comfort to the upper body.
  • Lumbar air support is provided.
  • Motorized positioning is possible with a power recline.
  • Changing the reclining position is possible with the optional footrest.
  • This recliner chair has reportedly relieved customers’ back pain immediately.
  • The chair is extremely comfortable.
  • The leg portion of the chair can be adjusted from the back.
  • Assembling the chair is simple.
  • High-quality materials make the chair durable and long-lasting.
  • The price is extremely high.

04. Homall Single Recliner Chair

Homall Single Recliner Chair

The Homall recliner is ideal for instant back relief. This chair includes numerous features, including an integrated heating and vibration system for the lumbar region, which ensures that the back posture and muscles are improved and pain relief.

Key features

  • The recliner is made of high-density sponge and PU leather.
  • Vibration massage for the lumbar region is available in the chair
  • The armrests are comparatively wider.
  • This chair is built to last thanks to its durable steel frame.
  • There is no size restriction for the chair, and it is exceptionally comfortable
  • The backrest of the recliner is supportive and thick
  • The seat cushion is extremely large
  • It is incredibly easy to assemble this chair
  • The chair has limited motion options, and it doesn’t rock.

05. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman Reclining Chair

Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman Reclining Chair

In addition to looking great in your living room, the Mcombo Recliner chair will provide back and hip pain relief. The massage motors on this recliner chair target the specific, painful areas of the back, unlike other recliner chairs.

Key features

  • The ottoman on this recliner chair replaces the footrest on other recliners.
  • Vegan leather is used to make this chair, which is made to last.
  • One of the best features of recliner chairs is the heating treatment
  • Weighted and lighter individuals can both use it comfortably.
  • Back and neck massage options are available.
  • Lower back pain is instantly relieved by the heating option.
  • Ottoman footrests are more comfortable and effective than standard footrests.
  • It is a budget-friendly product at an affordable price.
  • Individuals of all weights can use the chair.
  • Some people may find the assembly difficult.

06. CANMOV Recliner Chair

CANMOV Recliner Chair

Back and hip pain can be eased or prevented with this awesome recliner. This chair has several impressive features, including its ability to support a substantial amount of weight, breathable and luxurious upholstery, ergonomic design, and manual operation.

Key features

  • The back pillow eases back pain by providing adequate lumbar support.
  • Your spine is correctly supported and aligned by its ergonomic design
  • Approximately 300 pounds can be supported by it
  • It creates the feeling of a classic decoration style because of the brass nails on the fronts of the arms.
  • It has a classic and elegant design.
  • Upholstery is comfortable and durable.
  • An easy-to-use manual is included.
  • Furthermore, it can be easily cleaned and is stain-resistant.
  • Despite being fully reclined, the seat does not lock into place.

07. Fabric Single Sofa Recliner Chair

Fabric Single Sofa Recliner Chair Modern

With its solid wood frame, the FDW Wingback Recliner Chair is quite durable. All sizes can sit comfortably in the chair because it is huge. The chair should not be able to support more than 250 pounds. The cushion support is available near the hips, making it the best recliner for back and hip pain.

Key features

  • The product can handle up to 300 pounds.
  • With its easy recline and gentle massage feature, it’s a great choice
  • No tools are required for installation.
  • Foot extension with dual-function is included with this product
  • It comes with eight vibration massage features
  • The design of this product is sophisticated and modern.
  • Durability is a key feature of the product.
  • An affordable price makes it a great buy.
  • Heat therapy for the lumbar region is included.
  • A swivel feature makes the chair more flexible.
  • The material of the couch is average.

08. Seatcraft Julius Top Grain Leather

Seatcraft Julius - Big & Tall - Home Theater Seating

As we come to the end of our list of the best recliner for hip pain, we have the Seatcraft Julius Top Grain Leather – Power Recliner. An extended recline position and a taller backrest make this chair perfect. It has a wide armrest that provides maximum support. Genuine top-grain material is used to make the company’s products known for their long-lasting durability and soft touch.

Key features

  • For maximum relaxation, the backrest is high, and the footrest is extended.
  • Your body will be able to relax thanks to the top-grain leather.
  • You can hold your keys and other items on the extra tray provided in this product.
  • The chair is reliable and comfortable, with firm support and plenty of room to accommodate your entire body.
  • Additionally, the recliner is well-padded and soft for baby to play in
  • The leather material is very soft and comfortable.
  • This power recliner is very quiet and smooth.
  • Excellent quality and very spacious.
  • It comes with an LED light feature.
  • Unlike a bed, it does not recline fully like other recliners.

Things to consider before purchasing recliners for back and hip pain: Buyers Guide

The following features should be considered before buying a back and hip pain recliner.

  • Excellent support for the seat- You should choose a recliner with enough seat support to prevent back and hip pain as quickly as possible. Your pain can be prevented using a recliner with excellent seat support.
  • Proper cushioning- The surface of a recliner must be properly cushioned. Recliners with proper cushioning don’t have hard or soft cushions because hip pain can worsen by too much soft and hard cushioning.
  • Have a separate footrest or tool- A soft and comfortable footrest is also necessary before choosing the best recliner for hip pain. Some recliners do not have a footrest, but they provide a tool for holding your feet comfortably. The footrest will reduce friction on the hips and back, making you feel better whenever you keep your feet on it.
  • Consideration for the back pain- The intensity of your back pain can influence the type of recliner you buy. The recliner you choose should have massage rollers if you suffer from acute back pain. Alternatively, if your back pain is chronic, you should also look for recliners with massages and heat therapy.
  • Materials- Material is crucial to the success of any product, especially furniture. Recliners for back pain come in various fabrics and faux leathers. Recliners have different degrees of softness depending on the materials they are made from. It is best to choose a chair made of top-grain leather with memory foam filling if you are looking for the most durable and comfortable chair.
  • FDA Approved product- If you are looking for a recliner to relieve chronic back and hip pain and want the assurance that it will provide the necessary back support, you should always check for FDA approval.
  • Warranty- You might need to use a recliner for several years to ease back pain, making it an expensive investment for our health. So, to ensure no additional charges are incurred when you return the defective recliner, ensure you have a long warranty period and a money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can recliners relieve back and hip pain?

Yes, it is good for your back and hip pain as it can recline upright and provides good lumbar support.

Do recliners need to be cleaned?

Yes, but before that, your recliner’s upholstery type needs to be checked. You must plan your cleaning method according to the type of upholstery, whether water or solvent safe.

What is the lifespan of a recliner?

Recliners can last between 10 and 15 years with regular use. The quality of the chair and the chaos it is exposed to will also determine its lifespan.

What is the impact of a recliner on patients with sciatica?

Sciatica pain and symptoms are usually relieved by reclining chairs with good lumbar support.

What to do if I find my recliner is not functioning properly?

You should check whether your recliner is still covered by warranty if you are experiencing problems. For any troubleshooting issues, read the manufacturer’s manual carefully. You can check online for solutions if you don’t know what to do with your chair. Use penetrating oils if your chair has lubrication issues to deal with squeaky noises or rust that occurs over time.


It’s like taking rough travel seats for long periods when you have a bad recliner chair. Even though most people feel like they are relaxing, the human body is crying to circulate blood and oxygen to the muscles. Although the, extended sitting in the same position in a recliner chair with back pain will cause leg pain and back pain, no matter how luxurious, comfortable or perfect the recliner chair is. Therefore always choose a recliner wisely. I hope you will benefit from reading this blog post if you decide to shop around for the best recliner chair for hip and back pain. You are welcome to share your thoughts or questions in the comments!

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