6 Best outdoor ceiling fans without lights in 2023

If you are looking for the best outdoor ceiling fans without lights then, you are in the right place. Through, this post I will try to guide you on how to select the best outdoor ceiling fans without lights. Being outdoors during the summer can be difficult, especially if the sun shines brightly. But don’t let the hot weather stop you from having that family BBQ; you will need something that helps to keep you cool. In this regard, an outdoor ceiling fan will serve the purpose. Your covered porch or sunroom will be more comfortable and jollified when controlled by an outdoor ceiling fan! Additionally, everyone likes to breathe in fresh air once in a while and enjoy the beauty of mother nature while savoring a fresh cup of coffee. In such situations, a fan for your veranda, porch, or terrace is a great choice. In this blog, I have compiled some of the 6 best outdoor ceiling fans without lights, a buying guide, and frequently asked questions. So keep reading!

What Are the different types of Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

  • Standard ceiling fans for outdoor use:- Standard fans are just ordinary fans with motors and blades. The rod may be a bit long, however. These outdoor ceiling fans can be accepted unless you need a hugger fan for your outdoor setting.
  • Ceiling fans with huggers- Hugger ceiling fans are just regular fans, except they hang very close to the ceiling, giving you enough headroom in porches with low roofs.
  • A ceiling fan with a light kit- A holder for light bulbs can be found in the center of some ceiling fans to make things fancier. This ceiling fan is an excellent option for redesigning an outdoor sitting area.

List of some of the best outdoor ceiling fans without lights

It is essential to construct outdoor ceiling fans so they can withstand conditions outside, such as moisture. It is necessary to ensure your outdoor ceiling fan is as efficient as possible, or you will end up paying more. You will find the best outdoor ceiling fan on the current market from this list by determining what type of fan you need.

01. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BS Maverick Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • There is an energy star rating
    on it.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • The blade spans are available in
    two sizes for large patios.
  • It is compatible with Alexa.
  • Handcrafted blades make
    it unique.
  • There is no light kit included.

A number of features add to the elegance of Monte Carlo’s outdoor ceiling fans. It is one of the best-selling products on Amazon today. Due to its damp-resistant rating and handcrafted design, it’s also ideal for patios or verandas.

Key features

  • It can be switched on and off with a remote control.
  • This ceiling fan has an extraordinary design.
  • There are three dark walnut blades included in this product.
  • The remote control has a 6-speed function as well as reversing capabilities.
  • Approved by ULC& UL for DAMP applications.
02. Honeywell 50201 Duval Damp Rated Indoor + Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Blades made from quality
    bronze wicker.
  • An energy-efficient DC motor powers this ceiling fan.
  • It has a four-speed pull switch.
  • The quick-to-hang technology simplifies installation.
  • It is bulky.

Exhausted from pushing a heavy air conditioner? Sweating profusely?  Honeywell Duvall outdoor ceiling fans come in oil-rubbed bronze. The perfect addition to your porch, it has high airflow and saves you money on energy costs. The installation is inexpensive, and you do not need a licensed electrician.

Key features

  • This product provides fast-hanging technology
  • This fan measures 52 inches in diameter
  • This fan is available in two colours
  • Oil rub bronze finish is available.
03. Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • The price is affordable.
  • Design that is sleek and modern.
  • Multiple colours are available.
  • When the speed is at its highest,
    it tends to wobble.

In modern style, the simple and sleek decor is typically preferred. Hunter Fan Company’s 52-inch fan fits the bill. It features matte-black blades with angular shapes. This fan has an elegant, industrial look thanks to its metallic finish. Modern spaces can also be decorated in other neutral colours

Key features

  • A damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan with no lighting kit is included with this product
  • Using the pull-chain design, you can easily control the fan.
  • The contemporary design gives it a stylish look
  • There are three speeds on the quiet motor, and the motor can be reversed.
  • The downrods come in two lengths: 5 inches and 3 inches, for optimal positioning.
Westinghouse Lighting 7217000 Contempra 48 Inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan
04. Westinghouse Contempra 48-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • It covers a large area.
  • Multiple styles are compatible
    with this product.
  • It has a shallow profile design.
  • Higher ceilings are required
    for additional light fixtures.

Featuring a flush mount design,  this outdoor ceiling fan can be used on patios and porches with ceiling heights as low as 8 feet, 9 inches. The oil-rubbed finish on its housing and dark walnut blades make this hugger style fan attractive

Key features

  • There is a pull-chain to operate the fan
  • A wall-mounted control can be connected to it
  • Westinghouse Lighting’s fan can be used to cool outdoor covered areas because its blades have a diameter of 48 inches.
  • A single-speed ceiling fan with a classic style complements various design styles.
  • Lights can be added as an option.
05. Minka-Aire F896-65-CL Xtreme H2O 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • It is equipped with 8long blades.
  • It has a modern and sleek
  • Controls are mounted on the
    wall and can be controlled remotely.
  • The price is high.

An outdoor ceiling fan from Minka-Aire might be the best choice if you want to cool a large entertaining area. On large covered patios and screened porches up to 400 square feet, it can move much air with eight blades and 65-inch diameter.

Key features

  • A beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish complements the fan’s clean lines.
  • In addition to complementing many design styles, it is also very versatile.
  • A powerful fan is recommended for porches and patios with at least 9 feet of ceilings.
  • A wall-mount control and remote control are included.
  • Hands-free operation is possible with voice activation.
06. Sofucor 52-Inch Ceiling Fan No Light Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • It is a user-friendly product.
  • The product is energy-efficient
    and easy to operate.
  • Balsa wood is used for the
    three blades.
  • An automatic timer with three
    levels is included with the fan.
  • It is perfect for
    terraces, farmhouses,
    living rooms, bedrooms,
    and kitchens.
  • No warranty is provided.

This outdoor ceiling fan is noiseless. A large amount of air is allowed to flow through the carved wood. This energy-efficient fan weighs 12.6 pounds and can be adjusted in height. The silicon steel reversible DC motor produces an extremely high energy level.

Key features

  • This fan moves in much air and is very quiet.
  • It measures 52 inches in diameter.
  • It weighs 12.6 lbs.
  • DC reversible motor made of silicon steel for ultra-powerful air movements.
  • ETL certification is provided.
07. Tangkula 52 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Having a clear texture makes
    the blades of the fan durable.
  • Low profile ceiling fans with
    iron frames are stable and
    do not shake quickly.
  • UL certification is included.
  • The timer has three
    different settings, so
    you can choose
    which is best for you.
  • Sloped ceilings are not
    compatible with this fan.

Your patio will look great with Tangkula ceiling fans. It looks elegant, fancy, and stylish with its solid wood frame and iron blades. Three blades span 52″ and can be controlled by remote control with five speeds and three timer functions.

Key features

  • It circulates cooling air over vast areas with reversible noise-free motor
  • Reversible function lowers the interior temperature by bringing cool air in
  • A minimalistic cooling system that promotes air circulation inside.
  • You can adjust the five speeds according to your needs to stay comfortable at the right level.
  • There are three solid wood blades and an iron frame on this 52-inch ceiling fan.
Luminance Kathy Ireland Batalie Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
08. Luminance Kathy Ireland Natalie Breeze Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • It is weather-resistant and wet-rated.
  • With a capacity of four to
    five inches, it is easy to control.
  • This product is ideal for gazebos and sunrooms.
  • This product can accommodate sloped ceilings.
  • The material is not very sturdy.

Outdoor ceiling fan with palm leaf blades from Kathy Ireland Home. Ceiling fans with pull chains and quiet motors are available. With 52-inch blades, this unit provides excellent airflow ventilation for large areas.

Key features

  • Large spaces will benefit from the superior airflow provided by this fan.
  • It consists of 52-inch blades to create ideal indoor and outdoor breezes.
  • Featuring palm leaf blades inspired by rattan, this tropical ceiling fan boasts a modern design.
  • Cool yourself down on hot summer days with its five weather-resistant blades.

Things to consider while buying outdoor ceiling fans without lights: Buyers Guide

Be sure to select the correct size for your space before you fall in love with a ceiling fan style. Here is a guide to help you simplify your search. You shouldn’t just pick out a fan that appeals to you and purchase it immediately. It’s not enough to buy what you want; there are a few more things you need to consider before buying an outdoor ceiling fan without lights. The following factors will help you get started:

01. Type

Fans come in different types, such as hugger, outdoor and standard fans with lights. When your porch’s roof hangs low, hugger fans, with their small hanging rods, will give you more headroom over your head. So choose accordingly.

02. Design

There is a wide variety of outdoor ceiling fans, including modern, bohemian and tropical styles. This is just a design style and will not affect air circulation in any way

03. Size

Your outdoor setting determines the size of your fan. Your veranda or patio size may require two lovers if you have a large set. You may also be able to get away with a single fan, but you’ll need to pick one of a reasonable size. Those with low ceilings, for example, should hang their fans high enough that they do not hit their heads.

04. Indicator of dampness

Verify that the fan’s lamp is waterproof or damp-resistant. Rain and humidity are no problem for a wet-rated ceiling fan, but damp-rated fans must be protected against moisture. Generally, damp-rated fans are perfect for most climates, but some are harder to find. Fans with wet-rated blades but damp-rated motors still need protection because they have wet-rated motors but damp-rated blades

05. A blade’s span

Span is a measure of distance between the tips of two fan blades directly opposite one another. As the edges get longer, their diameter increases, and more air can be circulated.

06. Ratings by UL

A UL certification or rating helps you choose a UL-tested product. It is not recommended to place fans with dry rating outside since their materials and construction aren’t made for humid environments. So always check for the UL rating before purchasing an outdoor lover.

Tips for choosing the right outdoor ceiling fans without lights

Typically, outdoor ceiling fans have five blades because outdoor spaces require deep airflow. It’s possible to find ceiling fans with just three edges and ones with many advantages. In addition, blade spans, distances from the floor, pitches, speeds, wall controls, and even fan sizes play a significant role in producing a cooler, richer airflow. For further narrowing your choices, here are a few tips

  • There are several things to consider when choosing the right size or size of fan for your small space; you don’t want to pick a fan that is too large and bulky for your area, or you may become uncomfortable due to noise and airflow.
  • Adding more blades to a fan will increase air circulation but create more noise. The outdoor space can accommodate the extra noise, which is why most outdoor ceiling fans have more blades.
  • Two or more ceiling fans are recommended for larger spaces.

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ceiling fan size I should get for my outdoor space?

Suitable ceiling fans for small spaces are 30–35 inches in diameter and can cover up to 75 square feet. You can use a 44-inch ceiling fan to ventilate spaces up to 200 square feet. With these measurements, you can determine the size of the outdoor patio that suits you best.

Does an outdoor ceiling fan need to be waterproof?

Ceiling fans that are installed outdoors tend to be waterproof in most cases. Although they are not entirely waterproof, they can withstand humid and harsh weather.

Can I use my extra indoor fan in my outdoor space?

In a nutshell, it depends. Your porch may be protected from rainwater if your fan is not directly in contact with it. The downside of indoor fans is that they cannot handle extreme humidity. Even if you place your ceiling fan in a dry spot outside, there’s no guarantee it will last.

How should I choose an outdoor ceiling fan?

Outdoor ceiling fans are best selected based on several factors. It would help if you considered fan designs, sizes, energy efficiency, and control features. Style, functionality, and ease of use are all features of high-quality options.

When choosing an outdoor ceiling fan, how many blades should it have?

It is a matter of personal preference how many blades to have. A fan with more blades generally performs quieter. Modern fans have little effect on performance based on the number of edges. Choosing a blade number that matches your decor is more accurate than measuring CFM and energy efficiency. There are usually three to seven blades on most ceiling fans.
That’s all for today. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor ceiling fans, there are several factors to take into consideration. A fan’s performance can’t be determined by its appearance alone. There are hundreds of well-rated ceiling fans available for outdoor lovers to choose from. Choosing something that matches your style is to be complimented on your excellent taste. This list of ceiling fans is the best choice if you want to keep comfortable and relaxed in your outdoor space all summer. Get one of these outdoor ceiling fans and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.


That’s all for today. When it comes to choosing the best outdoor ceiling fans, there are several factors to take into consideration. A fan’s performance can’t be determined by its appearance alone. There are hundreds of well-rated ceiling fans available for outdoor lovers to choose from. Choosing something that matches your style is to be complimented on your excellent taste. This list of ceiling fans is the best choice if you want to keep comfortable and relaxed in your outdoor space all summer. Get one of these outdoor ceiling fans and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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