8 Best outdoor ceiling fans with remote control in the USA 2022

In an outdoor sitting area, ceiling fans play a critical role in completing the look. It is becoming increasingly popular to have outdoor fans that keep the classic design of the ceiling fan while adding a fresh look. But the point of having a beautifully organized indoor-outdoor environment in the summer is useless if it’s boiling outside. Here comes the role of an outdoor ceiling fan. Typically, outdoor ceiling fans are used in covered areas like porches, sunrooms, or around overhangs like pergolas and verandas. Having these fans all year round is essential if you want to be comfortable. When it’s hot outside, they are designed to move air. This can be accomplished at a low cost and with high energy efficiency. You can create a cool breeze in your outdoor space with these top picks mentioned in this blog.

List of 8 Best outdoor ceiling fans with remote control:

Following are the list of the best outdoor ceiling fans with remote control

01. Harbor Breeze Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

Featuring unique looks and a lifetime warranty, this outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Three brown wicker blades are on each end, which creates a relaxing and airy atmosphere on your patio, porch, or veranda.

Key features

  • A large or extra-large room would benefit from this ceiling fan.
  • The motor spins the blades quietly
  • A matte oil-rubbed finish covers the fan.
  • The reversible 3-speed AC motor provides airflow up to 4,450 CFMor.
  • There are six wicker blades on this large fan, making it equivalent to 2standard outdoor ceiling fans.
  • This unit has an airflow efficiency of about 57 CFM per watt, which means that it is very economical.
  • It has quiet-motor powerful technology that makes it noiseless.
  • The material is durable.
  • There are no separate controls for the fan and light.

02. Hunter Fan Key Biscayne Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Key Biscayne IndoorOutdoor Ceiling Fan with 2 LED Lights and Pull Chain Control

This LED-light ceiling fan has an excellent look, is damp-rated, and provides excellent air circulation. Besides being adjustable in height, the pull chain control lets you adjust the speed.

Key features

  • In addition to measuring 53 x 53 x 7.85 inches, it comes in a variety of colours.
  • The fan motor is reversible and has multiple speeds.
  • The motor provides ultra-powerful airflow while remaining completely silent.
  • You can dim it according to your preference to add to your home’s overall lighting and ambiance.
  • Light and fan brightness can be adjusted with the pull chain control.
  • There are two down rods of 2″ and 3″, and the fan’s height can be adjusted.
  • In addition to being damp-rated, this outdoor ceiling fan can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Stylish LED lights in the middle add to the overall atmosphere of the fan.
  • You might need professional assistance with the installation process.

03. Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It features a frosted LED light in the middle and a fresh, modern aesthetic that elevates your living space! You can mount it anywhere, including porches, covered patios, etc.

Key features

  • The dimensions of the box are 53 x 52 x 15.5 inches.
  • The unit is ETL-certified damp, and it is convenient to use.
  • In addition to the down rod mount, the fan has close mount options and angled support.
  • Four sleek waterproof blades provide a contemporary design.
  • It provides a dimmable LED light with a greater than 200% beam angle.
  • A three-speed motor can be reversed, so it can also be used in the winter.
  • The unit has several dynamic hanging options, including down rods, angle rods, and hugger rods.
  • The blade mounting process is tricky and frustrating.

04. Emerson Curva Sky LED Indoor Curva Sky 52-inch Modern Ceiling Fan

Emerson Curva Sky LED Indoor Curva Sky 52-inch Modern Ceiling Fan

For people looking for flush mount ceiling fans; we recommend Emerson Ceiling Fan with LED light. Featuring electrical components and weatherized blade, it provides cool air on hot summer days and hot air on cold winter days.

Key features

  • The remote control has six speeds.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the motor.
  • It has a compact design.
  • A brushed body steel finish gives this classic style a modern feel.
  • Air can either be pulled up or pushed down by its reversible motor.
  • Wet-rated construction of high quality.
  • Installation flush with the ceiling for low ceilings is included.
  • Remote control has six incredible speeds.
  • It comes with a no-light plate.
  • The hanging ball is made of durable die-cast metal.
  • This model does not have dimmable LED lighting.

05. Honeywell Ceiling Fans with LED Light

Honeywell Ceiling Fans Belmar 52 Inch Indoor Outdoor LED Light

This Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan provides a cool breeze at a reasonable price. Featuring five blades and a classic design, this three-speed fan will complement most interior designs thanks to its dark or white bronze finish.

Key features

  • LED lights are included with the fan.
  • The light can also be removed using the no-light conversion cap.
  • A wall outlet is required to operate the fan.
  • The pull-chain operation makes it convenient for use as well.
  • It offers an elegant and classic design.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of decor styles.
  • A light fixture is available as an option.
  • Remote is included.
  • No warranty.

06. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50507-01 Palm Valley

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50507-01 Palm Valley

An eye-catching design on the fan blades elevates tropical and coastal decor with this ceiling fan from Honeywell. Dual-sided fan blades feature palm leaf patterns on one side and wicker patterns on the other. Bronze-finished edges and natural sandstone shades add an island-inspired flair to this fan.

Key features

  • The ceiling fan with a 52-inch diameter and flush-mount fixture includes a small light kit.
  • This fan is designed for covered spaces and is also damp-rated.
  • A 4-inch download is included, as well as close-mounting and angle-mounting options are also available.
  • Up to 450 square feet of space can be cooled down using a three-speed motor operated by a pull chain.
  • It provides a stylish look.
  • Suitable for all coastal homes.
  • It comes with a reversible motor.
  • Elegant design.
  • It isn’t easy to generate much air with short blades.

07. Casa Province Modern Rustic Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Casa Province Modern Rustic Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Light LED Remote Control

You may like to look at this other remote control ceiling fan. It comes with five oil-rubbed 60-inch blades that are UV-protected. A frosted opal glass enclosure is encased with two 9-watt LEDs for an ambient light effect.

Key features

  • A brushed oil motor moves the fan both forwards and backward.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to its damp rating.
  • This ceiling fan is also available in two finishes.
  • A motor with a bronze oil-brushed finish is provided.
  • Five reversible blades in dark walnut or maple with UV protection are included.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • A handheld remote control is provided.
  • Durable and attractive.
  • The blades are UV-coated.
  • The canopy can be mounted on both sides.
  • Installation is complex.

08. Ohniyou 42” Retractable Ceiling Fans Indoor with Light Remote

Ohniyou 42'' Retractable Ceiling Fans Indoor with Light Remote

Its retractable design caught our attention when we saw this ceiling fan from OhniyouThe retractable ABS blades span over 42 inches and feature an elegant and stylish design. This fixture can also add a sense of ambiance to any room by incorporating a cage-style light. Both the light and fan can be controlled independently. The motor has a durable copper finish, a timer, and six fan speeds.

Key features

  • Remote control and an APP are provided.
  • A low-power LED bead is built into it.
  • Energy can be saved by more than 80% with a step-less dimming light source.
  • There is also a lifetime warranty.
  • An easy-to-follow installation manual is included.
  • A stylish and elegant design.
  • The fan has six speeds.
  • There are also three different colour temperatures available.
  • LED strips do not last long.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote control ceiling fans:

Is remote control ceiling fan a good or a bad idea? Here are a few things to check out:


  • Ceiling fans with remote controls are easy to install and simple to use.
  • The adjustment and operation are more convenient.
  • Regardless of where you are sitting, you can operate them.
  • They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Various modes of operation are available with the remote control.
  • There are several styles to choose from.


  • The cost of remote-controlled ceiling fans is higher than traditional wall-mounted fans.
  • The remote control can reach only a certain distance.

What to Look For When Choosing an outdoor ceiling fans with remote control?

When choosing an outdoor ceiling fans with remote control, keep these points in mind.

  • Aesthetics- Almost certainly, an outdoor fan would benefit your patio, greenhouse, or garden. Consider the style and decor of the space when choosing the best ceiling fans for the outdoors. It must blend in with its surroundings and be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Motor- An outdoor motor must be robust and sturdy. AC and DC motors are the most common types. The DC motor is preferred for outdoor use, even though AC motors are less expensive. The energy efficiency and quietness of these are superior. Remote controls or specially mounted wall controllers are necessary for DC motors.
  • Features of light- A light attachment is always a good idea to minimize the number of fixtures on an outdoor fan. Choose one with dimmable light to use as a ceiling fan according to your mood.
  • Installation process- Wiring may not be available in outdoor installations in every space. The clearance from the floor must be at least 84 inches. To ensure a proper installation, the distance from the fan blade’s tip to the nearest wall should be 24 inches, and the distance from the blade’s end to the ceiling should be 12 inches. Angle mounting may also be required. For easier changes, you can buy an extendable down-rod.
  • Ratings according to UL- According to your venue and weather conditions, make sure you check the fan’s dry, damp, and wet ratings. The ceiling fan should be rated as dry in an area without moisture or dampness. Ceiling fans with sticky ratings are perfect for areas with condensation and humidity. So choose accordingly.
  • Blade count- The number of blades is the next factor to consider. Four or five-blade ceiling fans are also common, though three is the most common number. Adding blades to a lover will increase air circulation and make it quieter. Air will circulate more effectively through a four- or five-bladed fan than through a three-bladed fan. The motor of a three-blade fan generates less drag than one with more blades, so three-blade fans are certainly more energy-efficient.
  • Material- It is common for ceiling fans to be powder-coated or stainless steel. Rust and damage are common problems with these materials when used outdoors. For outdoor fan blades, aluminium, which is rust-proof and non-reactive, is the ideal material.

An Outdoor Ceiling Fan’s Pro Tips

  • Check the ceiling fan’s wet rating. You should ensure it is damp-rated and assess its results when exposed directly to water splashes.
  • There is no difference in the blade material or motor quality of the most expensive ceiling fans, and they also offer decorative value. A cool-down design that is too adventurous can even reduce its effectiveness. So always check carefully.
  • Ensure that the package includes everything possible because the offered product may not contain everything possible. Some products support remote controllers, chains, down-rods, and lights but are not included in the kit.
  • If any electrical work at your house goes wrong or parts are damaged during installation, a limited lifetime warranty will not cover you. There are also many limitations on the provided warranty claim. However, most reputable manufacturers will provide service if there is an untoward incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to use any ceiling fan outside?

Not at all. Ceiling fans have different manufacturing processes for outdoor use than for indoor use. Powder-coated paint or Galvanized steel prevents rust, and a waterproof seal is used on the motor casing. The fan should not be placed in areas with humidity, even if the site is mainly protected from the weather.

Where should I position my outdoor ceiling fan?

A damp-rated outdoor fan and a wet-rated outdoor fan are both available. Only covered porches, garages, or bathrooms should be used for damp-rated fans. Conversely, wet-rated ceiling fans are designed specifically to withstand the elements ultimately.

What does blade pitch mean?

Airflow is determined by the pitch of the blades, not the blades’ style or number. A rise is a measure of how tilted the edges are. Air would not move very much with a 0° pitch. The optimal blade pitch is 12 to 15 degrees, producing a moderate breeze without overpowering.

Does the same remote control other fans?

That’s right. It is possible to control up to eight fans with one handheld remote control. We recommend using one remote for two fans since syncing them all is lengthy. To control both fans with one remote, you need to sync the frequency of the remote and the fans.

In the case of outdoor fans, does the remote also have to be weatherproof?

No. Your remote won’t be damp-proof unless the manufacturer says otherwise. However, one time leaving a remote outside will not result in a damaged remote. The remotes are never waterproof; leaving them outside for one occasion could lead to a damaged remote.

How do AC and DC ceiling fans differ?

An AC motor fan uses alternating rather than direct current like a DC motor. DC fans are often controlled by pull cords, wall switches, and remote controls, whereas wall switches and remote controls typically control AC fans.


That’s all for today. The fans featured here are some of the best products you can buy with remote control. If you would like to enjoy some fresh, flowing air on your patio or terrace throughout the summer, consider the above-mentioned outdoor ceiling fans with remote control. A remote control ceiling fan adds a touch of style to any home in addition to being convenient. You can enjoy a pleasant white noise during the night before falling asleep with a good ceiling fan, even without air conditioning. To make choosing a ceiling fan that matches your home’s aesthetics more accessible, we compiled a list of the best outdoor ceiling fans with remote control. Please look at them all and pick the one that suits you best.

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