5 Best Men duffle bags with a shoe compartment in 2023

The best way to spice up your week is to take a short vacation. It’s no secret that a classic duffle bag is the best way to organize all of your shoes and clothes for a short trip, as it has space for everything from sandals to sneakers that you might need. A good duffle bag with a shoe compartment is made from durable materials like leather or canvas. These bags come in all kinds of styles, from basic duffels to chic gold-hued options to casual stone-washed bags perfect for road trips. It is true that adding your shoes into the mix makes finding the perfect duffle bag even more challenging. But it’s necessary to have a separate compartment for your clothes and shoes if you are going on a weekend run at the beach or heading to a wedding. Thus, in this blog, I will mention some of the best men duffle bags with shoe compartments.

List of some of the best Men’s duffle bags with shoe compartment

While shopping, look for bags that are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet your needs. Travelling in leather always looks great, but if you’re concerned about the weather, you’re better off choosing water-resistant polyester. In addition to the standard shoulder strap handles, some travel bags can also be used as backpacks. A padded laptop sleeve could be useful for travellers with electronics. Take a look at this Men duffle bag with a shoe compartment for your next trip and save yourself some time.

01. MIER Large Duffel Bag Men’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment
  • The internal storage
    the system is simple and
    serviceable at the same time.
  • A padded handle is included
    with the bag.
  • The bag has a separate
    shoe compartment for
    easy access to your shoes.
  • A well-positioned handle
    makes it easy to carry
    the bag.
  • A tough and rugged
    exterior is featured
    on this product.
  • The bag feels a bit bulky.

It’s important to choose a gym bag that has enough compartments, but it’s also fun to get a stylish one, too. With its ventilated shoe compartment, khaki design and interior and exterior pockets, this Mier option checks both boxes.

Key features

  • The shoe compartment can fit even the largest shoe sizes due to its large water-resistant construction.
  • The bag is equipped with a ventilated feature to separate dirty and clean clothes and reduce odours.
  • It offers a large number of pockets and is well organized
  • Handles are padded and hooked and looped for easy carrying.
  • With reinforced stress points, jacquard polyester is durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes with durable zippers and buckles.
02. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag Classic 42.5L
  • It has a compartment for
    storing shoes.
  • It comes with a sleek design
    that is suitable for the office.
  • It is a 100% recyclable product.
  • This Duffel bag can be
    carried as a backpack
    with two padded
    removable shoulder straps.
  • No separate chamber for dry
    and wet clothes.

Duffle bags with shoe compartments are no longer a problem thanks to the Herschel Novel. The gym duffel from Herschel is among the company’s top-rated, hip bags. In a closed compartment of this duffle bag, you can keep an extra pair of shoes while keeping your belongings minimal.

Key features-

  • An adjustable shoulder strap is included.
  • The handle measures 6.5″ in drop and 19″ in length.
  • There is a multi-function pocket on the interior.
  • A zipper pocket on the exterior is included.
  • There is a separate compartment for shoes.
03. BOSTANTEN Duffle Bags for Men Genuine Leather Travel Bag
  • It still holds quite a bit
    despite its more
    compact dimensions.
  • This bag is multi-functional;
    it can be used as a camping
    bag, gym bag and
    travel bag.
  • With its large capacity,
    it can easily hold a lot
    of items at the same time.
  • Scratches are quite easy to
    occur on it which is a drawba.

This high-quality duffle bag is normally made from genuine leather and lined with durable fabric, so it is the perfect bag for weekend getaways. Its large interior compartment makes it easy to keep organized. You can also store your cell phone, keys, and other essentials in the zippered inner pocket and two insert pockets. You will be able to separate dirty shoes from clean clothing while you travel thanks to the dedicated shoe compartment and the general dimensions which allows you to maximize the packing power.

Key features-

  • It comes with a zipper closure ensures your security and it is made from genuine cow leather.
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps are included.
  • This bag can be used for many purposes including gym, travel, overnight stays, sports, weekend cabins etc.
  • It comes with a warranty as well. A great buying experience and outstanding products are provided by this company.
  • The bag is equipped with a separate compartment for storing shoes.
04. Leathfocus Leather Travel Duffel Bag
  • This bag looks and feels
    great, and it has a big handle.
  • It comes with an internal
    storage system that is
    simple and easy to use.
  • In terms of price and
    quality, it is unbeatable.
  • For compact travel, it’s a
    great product.
  • This product feels bit heavy
    to carry when it is full.
  • The system for shoulder
    straps/carrying is
    relatively inefficient.

With a retro appearance, the cowhide material of this sturdy duffel or weekender bag is made from extremely strong and super soft cowhide material. It has a thick fabric lining, which will ensure that all of your belongings are protected in transit, and it comes with YKK zippers that are tear-resistant, and brass fittings to make sure that it will last for years to come.

Key features-

  • It is equipped with a plethora of interior storage space.
  • The bag contains a large compartment, which is accessible through a smooth rolling top. zipper that makes it easy to reach, so it will help you stay organized as you go along.
  • A pair of shoes can be stored in the side pocket.
05. Sport Gym Bag, Canway 30L Sport Duffel Bag for Men Women
  • It has an extremely attractive price/quality ratio.
  • Travelling with this piece is
    easy and compact.
  • It has a modern and sleek
  • The product is not at all
    suitable for harsh
    weather conditions.

Last, but not the least, this duffle bag is one of the best products on Amazon. There is a dedicated moist compartment in this brilliant bag that can be used after exercise to store dirty or wet clothing, such as underwear, socks, swimwear, swimming goggles or towels.  

Key features-

  • The wet pocket is generally made from durable, high-quality PVC with a frosted surface.
  • The shoulder strap can be detached for custom carrying.
  • There are eight separate pockets and one spacious main pocket in this sports bag.
  • It comes with a padded shoulder strap buckle and rounded stitched grip handle which makes it easy to carry.

What exactly is a duffle bag?

Duffel bags are cylindrical cloth bags with drawstring closures, but they are now used to denote any type of soft-sided bag also referred to as weekenders. Duffle bags are lightweight and can carry a lot more items than trolleys or backpacks. In general, duffle bags have extra pockets where you can store clean clothes, shoes and also personal belongings after exercise. A duffle bag makes an excellent gym bag because you can store your things safely inside the gym lockers while working out.

What are the different types of duffel bags?

Choosing the right Men duffle bag with shoe compartment depends largely on your needs. Besides being great for travel, these bags can also be used at the gym, for sports and dance classes and also on the beach. Furthermore, duffel bags have been used by the military since World War I. The different types of duffel bags are-

01. Barrel Duffel Bags

A long zipper runs down the middle of these compact cloth bags. Aside from being lightweight, they’re perfect for gym-goers or sports teams.

02. Squared Duffel Bags

You can’t go wrong with squared duffel bags if you want something tough and rugged. The frames and gussets inside make these bags more durable than others because they provide structure.

03. Rolling Duffel Bags

Pack your belongings inside a rolling duffel bag for a fun vacation. If you prefer to carry these bags by the handle, you can collapse the wheels. When you’re heading out for the weekend, they’re ideal.

04. Backpack Duffel Bags

A backpack duffel bag is usually carried crossbody by a long strap. Alternatively, you can also buy backpack duffel bags that come with two straps. Student, military, and public transportation users will find these backpack duffels very useful.

05. Cooler Duffel Bags

Polyester or canvas are the most common fabrics used to make cooler duffel bags. They’re perfect for impromptu picnics or simply for carrying your lunch every day if you want to carry something big in it.

06. Waterproof Duffel Bags

If you are planning a camping trip near a beach, use a waterproof duffel bag to store your belongings. Designed to withstand even the most extreme splash zones, these bags are typically made of rubber or vinyl.

What to look for when buying a Men duffle bag with shoe compartment

You need to understand what you should be looking for in a high-quality Men duffle bag with a shoe compartment so that you can make the right choice.

01. Size

When choosing a duffel bag for travel, you should take into account the size of the bag, as it is the most important factor to take into account. The standard cabin baggage dimensions prescribed by most leading airlines are 115 cms, so when choosing a duffel bag for cabin luggage, you must make sure it is smaller than 115 cms. Alternatively, you can choose a duffel bag that is larger if you don’t want to carry your duffel as hand luggage.

02. Material

Duffel bags are primarily chosen for their material. Synthetic polyester and leather are the most common materials used for duffel bags. In addition to being lightweight and water-resistant, polyester nylon duffel bags require very minimal maintenance. A leather travel duffel bag, on the other hand, is more durable, offers a better grip, and looks classier as well. However, you should be aware that most of the duffel bags either do not have wheels or do not have more than two wheels on the back. When a duffel bags zippers are cheap plastic and its handles are unpadded, it will be very cumbersome to carry it around. The duffel bag’s handles and zippers should therefore be checked for quality. Additionally, a duffel bag cannot withstand rough travel.

03. Identify your needs

A duffel bag may contain a single compartment, some may have dividers and some may have a large number of pockets. When travelling on business, you should look for a bag that also has a laptop sleeve and pouches that can be used for charging cables, keys, and wallets. If you are the type who likes to go on spontaneous road trips, then a simple one-compartment bag is perfect for you since it lets you pack everything comfortably and doesn’t require much thought. Make sure your bag has interior dividers if you need to keep clean clothes apart from dirty ones. If you decide to go with a particular style of pouches, pockets, shoe bags, etc. always make sure that you take notice of details before you make the purchase

04. Estimate how much it costs per use

The cost of a quality piece of luggage might be worth it if you’re frequently taking short trips for work or going on weekend getaways. You might want to consider something more affordable if you travel once a year or every few months. So it completely depends on your use.

05. Consider versatility and Good Price

You don’t need to buy multiple pieces of luggage when you can find one that fits under your seat on an aeroplane and holds enough clothes for 3-4 days, and can be used as a weekend or duffle bag. Another important thing that needs to be considered is the price. The most important thing is to choose a duffel bag that fits within your budget. A super pricey bag that’s out of your budget should not be one of your biggest expenditures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which items should men normally pack in a duffle bag?
Toiletries like toothbrushes, deodorants, and razors are usually all you need for a quick trip and need to be packed in a duffle bag. If you want to go on a trip, you should carry enough pants, clean shirts, and socks in the duffle bag.
Do duffel bags make good carry-ons?
It depends on the situation. It’s fine to carry a bag through the airport if you don’t mind carrying it over your shoulder. It is also easy to get in and out of overhead compartments with most duffel bags because they have plenty of handles and straps. However, carry-on bags require a lot of lifting, which makes duffel bags more convenient for road trips since they roll behind you.
Which duffel bag size should I choose?
Duffel bags usually measure 17 inches wide, 22 inches high, and 10 inches deep. If you plan to travel by plane, you should try to keep your carry-on bag to this size or even smaller.
Would you be able to pack a duffel bag for a three-day trip?
Yes definitely, you can easily be able to pack enough clothes and also accessories for a 3-day weekend trip in a good-sized duffel bag. There are even compartments for shoes and toiletries in many of them as well.
What Materials Are Used in Duffel Bags?
The most popular materials for duffel bags are canvas and polyester. Neither of them are prone to deterioration over time due to their strength and durability. In addition to leather and cotton duffels, there are water-resistant vinyl duffels as well.


In my opinion, the above-mentioned bags are the absolute Men’s duffle bags with shoe compartments. Among them, we’re certain you will find one you’ll love! The purpose of each article I write is to provide you with information that will assist you in making a decision. It’s precisely for this reason that I only recommend products which work well for different types of travel. For travel lovers who desire upscale looks and practical storage, duffel bags are a great choice. With a perfect blend of classic styling and modern convenience, these brilliant bags are perfect for use as carry-ons, road trips or at gyms.

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