6 Best lightweight rolling duffel bags in the USA 2022

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you find peace in exploring new places? If yes, then don’t wait any longer, pack your bags and find new stories in a new place. Well, traveling works like therapy when you are overburdened with the stress and pressure from your life. Thus, it is very important to plan a trip at regular intervals. One of the most important things that you will definitely need for traveling is a travel bag.

Well, selecting the perfect travel bag is not an easy task, especially when there are innumerable options in the market. Besides, it also depends on what your likes and choices are. For example, some may like hard-sided suitcases, some may like flexible bags, some may like their bags with wheels and some might not like them. Thus, in this article, we have come up with the most practical and popular types of travel bags. Here we will find out everything about some of the best lightweight rolling duffel bags.

Duffel bags are pretty popular in the global market because of their practical features. This type of bag comes with hard-sided backs, laptop pockets, extendable handles, compression systems, and wheels. All these features are very much useful while you are traveling. Besides, with a good set of wheels, navigating TSA lines, finding a taxi, and sprinting towards closing gates becomes really easy.

Thus, in this article, we have listed some of the best lightweight rolling duffel bags, which much be a part of your journey on your next trip. Here you will find rolling duffel bags of different budgets, however, they are all durable, have enough packing space, and has everything that you can expect from a travel bag. Today, in this post I will try to guide you to select the best lightweight rolling duffel bags

List of the best Lightweight Rolling Duffel Bags:

Buying a rolling duffel bag is not a very easy task. It requires research, but who has that much time to spare? We understand that you might not have that much time or interest in doing precise research on all the products that are found in the market and finding out which can be the best for you.

That is why, we took the opportunity to help you in this, by making a list, after conducting precise research and product analysis of the products, just for you. Besides, we have also attached the links of the products respectively, so that you can easily get it all in just a click. Now, let’s not make you wait any longer and find out which are the best lightweight rolling duffel bags:

 01. Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel 130L

eagle creek Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel

Eagle Creek 130L Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel is a beautiful bag, with a capacity of 120 liters. You can carry this bag in four different ways, which include comfortable backpack straps, and spinner wheels, you can also affix the bag to the top of your car with the built-in lash points. Besides, when you are not using the bag it can be stored anywhere, as it takes up minimal space only.

You can either roll it up and store it in a zipper compartment that is already built into the bag or can store other things in it. Also, the best part about this product is, it is backed by Eagle Creek’s legendary guarantee, which will help you if anything goes wrong with your product. Yes, you read it right! If anything happens to your bag the company will have you covered with the bag replacements or repairs, as required.


  • This product is easy to store and comes with an in-built zipper compartment.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty on this product.
  • You can carry this bag in four different ways according to your preference.


  • The design of this product might be practical but is not very durable.

 02. Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag

Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag

Rockland 30-inch Rolling Duffel Bag is one of the best-designed and most affordable bags that you can find on the market. It comes with a top-loading design and compression straps, and many other attractive features, which you might not find in any other bags in this price range.

The bag is made of hefty 600 denier polyester, but you must keep it away from sharp edges, as they can cause damage. It is a flight-size bag that can easily fit into the carry-on sizing requirements and has two front zipper pockets which make it easy to access while you are traveling on a flight. The inline wheels are very sturdy and strong but it doesn’t provide 360-degree movement.


  • This bag has enough packing space and can accommodate clothes and other materials for more than 3-6 days or more.
  • It comes with a top-loading design and compression straps.
  • It is a flight-size bag that can easily fit into the carry-on sizing requirements.
  • It is an efficient and affordable option.


  • The material of this bag is not very durable.
  • The wheels of this product don’t provide 360-degree movement.

03. David King & Co. 22-Inch Rolling Duffel

David King & Co. 22-Inch Rolling Duffel

David King & Co. 22-Inch Rolling Duffel Bag is a stylish look bag that defines class. Brig this Rugged leather duffel and upgrade your look. It is made of fully-grain vacquetta cowhide leather, has sleek metal hardware, and will last for ages, without losing its shine and beauty.

Although the design of this product is pretty normal and it has no interior pockets, it has enough room for all your materials and has pockets on the exterior of the bag, which can be used to hold cosmetics, devices, medicines, etc. You can use this bag for domestic trips and consider it a worthy investment, as you can use it for years.


  • This product is a clear definition of style and class.
  • It is made of luxe material, fully-grain vacquetta cowhide leather.
  • It has sleek metal hardware.
  • It has pockets on the exterior of the bag, which can be used to hold cosmetics, devices, medicines, etc.
  • You can use this bag for domestic trips.
  • It has good storage capacity.


  • The handle of this product is not very sturdy.
  • It has no pocket inside.

04. Thule Crossover 2 Wheeled Duffel

Thule Crossover 2 Wheeled Duffel

This bag from Thule has gained popularity in the bag market in very little time. This brand is popular for making premium quality bike, ski, and outdoor sports gear, which made people trust their duffel too. This bag features innovative features like external compression straps and a clamshell design, plus a large top zip to reach your gear without completely unpacking it.

Well, the price of this bag justifies the quality and will definitely be worth the investment. Besides, it is super durable and will be your traveling partner for quite some time.


  • This bag is made of good quality materials.
  • It has a spacious interior, which can accommodate all your essential items.
  • You can clip it to other bags.
  • This product is super durable and long-lasting.


  • The price of this product is a bit towards the higher side.
  • It has only one interior pocket.

05. Briggs & Riley ZDX Upright Rolling Duffel Bag

Briggs & Riley ZDX Upright Rolling Duffel Bag

This bag from Briggs & Riley is a premium quality product. It comes with an ironclad guarantee, where the brand will take care of the replacement or repair of the bag for any reason. Let it be “airline damage” or “any reason whatsoever” the brand will get everything covered.

Besides, this bag is quite useful and has a strong, reliable pull-up handle. There are many other reliable features, which make this bag one of its kind. Besides, the complimentary monogramming is definitely a unique one.


  • This product comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • It is equipped with useful pockets and cinch-down inner straps.
  • No internal bumpers and folds are slim when empty.
  • It is made of premium quality materials.


  • The price of this product is extremely high.

06. REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels

REDCAMP Foldable Duffle Bag with Wheels

This foldable duffel bag is very economical and practical at the same time. It is considered as one of the best bags in the carry-on rolling duffel bag category. It can accommodate all the essential items to meet your travel requirements.

The short, stocky profile combined with numerous compression straps makes it easy to fit in overhead compartments. It has tuck-away backpack straps, which will ensure that you can carry it without any stress during your journey.


  • It is light in weight and thus is extremely portable.
  • It can fit into a small space and can also be stored easily, while not in use.
  • This bag is available in different sizes, which you can choose according to your requirements.
  • It is very affordable.


  • It doesn’t come with a metal handle, which ultimately makes pulling the bag hard.
  • The materials used in this bag is very thin and prone to damage.

What to Look For Before Buying a lightweight rolling duffel bag? A Buying Guide

You might wonder how difficult buying a duffel bag can be. Just select the brand and buy the one that looks more reliable. Well, that’s not it. You must consider looking for some important points apart from just brand, while you are planning to buy a rolling duffel bag. Now, you don’t need to panic as here we have listed some of the most important factors which you can look for before making a purchase:

Size: The first thing that you must look for while buying a duffel bag is its size. You will find duffel bags of different sizes in the market. But the one that fits your requirements is the right one for you. So, before buying, ask yourself if you want to use it as a carry-on, or otherwise.

If you want to use it as a carry-on, check the airline’s size limits for carry-on luggage. However, if you want to use it otherwise, go for a suitable bag that has a huge packing space. In short, duffel bags come in different size options like small, medium, and large, you can select them according to your requirements.

Shape: Maximum rolling duffels are of the same shape and are just like an average carry-on bag. Square-shaped roller bags fit easily in overhead compartments and are often easier to carry than backpacks when equipped with dual straps.

There are also vintage-looking bags that are rounded, and circular in shape. Although they look good you might face some serious trouble while you are trying to pack your items in it. Besides, finding small items from such bags can give you the experience of going and coming back from the hell. Thus, it is very important that you select a rolling duffel bag that has the right shape.

Portability: Almost all rolling duffel bags come with extendable handles, which helps in navigating a busy airport easily. Thus, you must look if your bag is portable or not. Check if the handle is extendable and if the wheels have good reviews for durability and usability. These features will help you bob and weave among crowds. Go for a duffel bag that has all of it and has multi-directional wheels as well.

Material: The material that is used in making a bag plays an important role in the durability of the product. You will find duffel bags made of polyester, leather, canvas, waterproof, etc. Before buying one, question yourself, what are you going to use this bag for? Will you spend much time outdoors with the bag or not? Depending on that get a bag for yourself.

However, if you are not certain about anything, the safest option is to get a weatherproof bag. A leather bag might look very elegant but it can’t hold up to a lot of beating. In that case go for a bag made of polyester material, as it can not only hold up all the elements well but also are quite durable.

Reviews: Next, consider looking for the reviews and ratings that are shared online. This is one of the most genuine and reliable sources which you can use to know the insights of the product. Besides, you can use others’ experiences and make a secured purchase. Thus, go for a rolling duffel bag that has the best reviews and ratings.

We hope this article helped you in gathering enough knowledge about the best lightweight rolling duffel bags. All the products that are mentioned in the list are from renowned brands and are loved for all good reasons. Besides they are available both in online and offline markets, you can get them from anywhere you want.

However, it is suggested to check the reviews properly before making a purchase. So now, what are you waiting for? Go grab the best bag according to your requirements, put on your traveling shoes and add a new chapter to your travel diary.

Further, you can also explore the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section given below where we have answered the most commonly asked questions related to the best lightweight rolling duffel bags.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can you use a duffle bag as a carry on?

Yes, you can use a duffle bag as a carry-on, but only if it fits the size requirements for carry-on luggage of your airline.

What is a rolling duffel?

A rolling duffel bag is just like any other bag, but it is very portable and can easily be rolled across smooth surfaces.

How big is a standard size duffel bag?

A standard-size duffel bag can be about 17” wide, 22” high, and 10” deep.

Are wheeled duffel bags good?

Yes, rolling or wheeled duffel bags are good for traveling. They are light in weight, can be transported easily, and offer smooth mobility while you are traveling. Some bags even have larger wheels, those bags can accommodate all the travel gear that you might require during your trip.

Are duffle bags better than suitcases?

No, a duffel bag is not better than suitcases, as duffel bags are less secure if compared to hard-shell luggage. Besides, packing heavy items in a duffel bag can be awkward, whereas a suitcase is best for this purpose. However, if you are out for a casual trip, with no heavy items to carry and protect, consider duffel bags the best.


Hope this article could prove itself helpful. Now, let us have a quick recap on what this article has delivered us today:

  • Understood the importance of traveling and travel bags.
  • Found out a detailed list of the best lightweight rolling duffel bags.
  • Highlighted some of the crucial points that you must take care of while you are planning to buy a rolling duffel bag.
  • Got the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, related to the best lightweight rolling duffel bag.

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