8 Best High CFM outdoor ceiling fan in 2023

Making your home more comfortable and enhancing its decor is easy with a ceiling fan. The right balance of value, style, and function can be found in the wide range of styles and features available in the market today. You and your guests can enjoy sitting outdoors comfortably with an outdoor porch ceiling fan. However, indoor ceiling fans cannot be used outdoors.

Outdoor lovers are designed in a little different way compared to indoor fans. Depending on where it is placed, an outdoor fan should either be damp-rated or wet-rated. It is necessary to have a wet-rated fan if it is exposed to water, such as rain. Nowadays, numerous ceiling fans are available in the market, each with unique features and sizes. So how will you choose that particular fan you want per your requirements? For your convenience, I have compiled a list of the best high CFM outdoor ceiling fans.

What exactly is a high CFM outdoor Ceiling Fan?

High CFM outdoor ceiling fans can move air quickly through them, which is excellent for huge rooms. The powerful air-moving capacity of these ceiling fans is vastly more significant than a typical ceiling fan. This type of ceiling fan produces 4000 CFM or more and can last as long as 10000 CFM. High CFM outdoor ceiling fans usually offer a longer span and a design that pushes more air. The complete form of CFM is cubic feet per minute. In CFM terms, it is the amount of air moved every minute by a ceiling fan. It may take digging to find the CFM rating since not all manufacturers advertise it.

In most cases, the advertised CFM only applies to high-speed settings. A low-profile ceiling fan is also popular with some homeowners in addition to high CFM. Due to their proximity to the ceiling, they are also called “hugger ceiling fans.”

List of some of the high CFM outdoor ceiling fan

Following is the list of 8 best high CFM outdoor ceiling fan available in the USA market.

01. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove ceiling Fan
  • The remote control has nine speeds.
  • LED lights can be adjusted.
  • It features eight moisture-resisting blades.
  • High energy efficiency is
    a feature of the product. 
  • Small and medium rooms
    are not suitable for this product. 

Designed to circulate a high air volume, this impressive outdoor ceiling fan is well thought out and designed. Because of this, it can be used either outdoors or indoors. Much climate-safe covering has been applied to the maple cutting edges. Whether these cutting edges are introduced outside or indoors, they can survive the extremes of climate and temperature.

Outdoor Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan YG493OD installation
Outdoor Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan YG493OD light
Outdoor Espresso Bronze Ceiling Fan YG493OD remote

Key features

  • There are nine speeds to choose from.
  • The fan’s speed can also be adjusted via a remote control.
  • The fan is durable and robust so that it will last long.
  • A 16 Watt LED powers this.
  • Opal glass is used in the construction of the unit.
  • It has a capacity of 9300 cubic feet per minute.
Home Decorators Collection
Kensgrove ceiling Fan
02.Big Air 96″ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Damped conditions
    are ideal for it.
  • Compared with traditional
    AC fan motors, it
    can save as much as 65% on energy.
  • The remote control has six speeds.
  • Besides being durable, it is also sturdy. 
  • Costs are higher. 

The uncommon choice that works well in wet conditions is the Big Air 96′′ Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. A clammy rating is also given to it.

Big Air 96 Industrial Indoor fan
Big Air 96 Industrial Indoor fan installation

Key features

  • The product has been energy star-rated.
  • It has nine sharp edges designed to develop high volumes of air.
  • It features a remote-controlled function that can be used by multiple fans simultaneously.
  • A comfortable 6-speed controller is included.
Big Air 96″ Industrial Indoor/
Outdoor Ceiling Fan
03. Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit
  • Brightness can be adjusted
    with dimmable LED lights.
  • High-quality motor
    with powerful airflow.
  • Remote-controlled
    four-speed motor. 
  • Warranty for life on motors.
  • The material isn’t very sturdy. 

Its excellent engine contributes to impressive air development and quiet operation with its remarkable six-bladed high CFM outdoor ceiling fans. The ceiling fan has one of the highest CFMs available today, meaning that it is also among the best.

Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60-inch Ceiling Fan
Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga fan remote contrller
Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga fan installation

Key features

  • Made of metal and glass, it has a momentary style.
  • In addition to its helter-skelter edge sections, the ceiling fan is unique.
  • This chandelier comes with an opal off-white LED light unit.
  • The remote controller is usually used to control it.
  • In addition to controlling the fan and lighting independently, the remote control allows you to switch between four rates.
Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga
60-inch Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit
04. Hunter Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control
  • WhisperWind motor
    is included.
  • Mounting system with three positions.
  • A total of four fixtures are included.
  • A total of four fixtures are included.
  • It is a bit noisy sometimes. 

This is another popular product on Amazon. Cherry-hued edges accent the bronze tone of this ceiling fan. The design is made of glass and metal, and the plan is incredibly refined and negligible.

Hunter Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan wings
Hunter Bennett Indoor Ceiling Fan with light

Key features

  • A collected stature of 10 inches and a weight of 26 pounds
  • The airflow capacity is 6595 CFM, and it has a bowl shape.
  • Five edges are included in the fan.
  • With its versatile controller, you can adjust the speeds from anywhere in the room.
Hunter Bennett Indoor Ceiling
Fan with LED Light and Remote Control
05. 60″ Turbina Modern Contemporary Industrial Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Remote control is included
    for easy operation.
  • The motor is powered by
    DC technology which is energy-efficient.
  • Suitable for industrial
    applications, also.
  • The material used is quite
  • Damped environments
    are not ideal for this product. 

The Turbina ceiling fan offers an incredibly reviving breeze. It is also a popular product on Amazon. The engine comes in a white finish with six speeds and is coordinated with metal edges.

Turbina Modern Contemporary Industrial Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Turbina Modern Contemporary Industrial Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan remote
Turbina Modern Contemporary Industrial fan wing

Key features

  • A minimum of 10 feet should be left between the sharp edges and the floor.
  • It comes with a 6-speed remote control and a 6-inch downrod.
  • It is UL-listed for moist areas and has the highest CFM rating.
  • An on/off handheld controller controls the fan’s six speeds.
60″ Turbina Modern Contemporary
Industrial Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan
06. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star 60” Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • The design is bold
    and energy-efficient.
  • The blades are handcrafted
    from balsa wood.
  • This product is
  • It does not include a light kit.

An old pewter lodge features Light Gray Weathered Oak cutting edges on the 70″ Monte Carlo Maverick Max Collection fan. You can use this ceiling fan outside or indoors if it is wet.

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star fan
Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star fan installation
Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star  blue colour fan

Key features

  • An extreme air development is achieved by its degree of pitch.
  • A handheld remote controller controls the speed and turns on/off the controller.
  • No matter where you are, whether on the deck, lounge, fantastic room, or covered area, you can create the ideal wind stream.
  • By comparing this fan with other conversational ceiling fans, you will save almost 50% on energy costs.
 Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK
Maverick Energy Star 60” Outdoor Ceiling Fan
07. Minka-Aire F524-ABD, Roto, 52″ Ceiling Fan
  • Controls for sliding walls
    with four speeds. 
  • Design with a contemporary
  • Body made of durable brushed aluminum.
  • The light kit is not included.

This elegant Minka Aire ceiling fan features brushed aluminum construction with a beautiful brushed nickel finish and three sharp silver edges. Steel gauges 10 pounds and weighs 10 pounds. With a 52-inch cutting edge clear width and 22-degree strong edge pitch, the fan measures 8.8 inches from the roof to the lower part of the fan.

Minka-Aire F524-ABD, Roto, 52" Ceiling Fan switch
Minka-Aire F524-ABD, Roto, 52 Ceiling Fan alluminium wheels

Key features

  • In terms of airflow capacity, it has the highest level at 6000 CFM.
  • A 6-inch down pole accompanies the load.
  • The included connector allows mounting up to 20 degrees.
Minka-Aire F524-ABD, Roto, 52″ Ceiling Fan
08. Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan with Remote Control
  • The remote control
    is included.
  • A 1440-lumen LED globe is included.
  • A three-position mounting
    system is available.
  • The color of the fans may
    differ slightly from the photos.

There is no better ceiling fan for huge rooms than Honeywell’s Xerxes, rated at over 3000-cfm. Large rooms up to 20’x20′ can be fitted with this Honeywell fan.

Honeywell Ceiling Fan installation
Honeywell Ceiling Fan remote controller
Honeywell Ceiling Fan installation

Key features

  • Eight fan blades with a span of over five feet are included.
  • Three speeds are available on the Xerxes, and the fan includes a remote control.
  • There is a 1400-lumen LED globe integrated into the fixture.
  • It provides 18 watts of power, and the light can also be dimmed.
  • Three different ceiling positions are available for this large room ceiling fan.
Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes
Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Things to consider while purchasing a high CFM outdoor ceiling fan: Buyers Guide

01. Performance of air

All fans, including ceiling fans, are measured by CFM, or cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM rating, the more airflow it creates and the greater impact it makes when it operates. The CFM of ceiling fans can vary greatly. Typical fans move between 3,000 and 6,000 CFM. CFM is affected by many factors, including the fan’s size, speed, angle, and speed. You need to pay attention to a number if you are primarily concerned about fan performance and airflow.

02. Dimensions

A ceiling fan is usually 50 to 60 inches across and comes in various sizes. No matter how sure you are that the fan will fit in your space, always measure it before you go out and buy it. Because sometimes ceiling space is more challenging than it seems.

03. LED lights with energy-saving features

Is it necessary to have a light on your fan? Likely, a ceiling fan located centrally in the room will also have lights. You can choose from dozens of shades of these lights and soften them with coverings, so you have plenty of options. The light bulbs may need to be changed periodically if the fan is exceptionally high.

04. Installation of downrods

Fans are held to the base by a rod called a “downrod.” By measuring the downrod’s length, you can determine how low you can install the fan. It is typical for downrods to be 4 inches long, but this can vary. Some buyers may place the fan lower to make the airflow more noticeable. If you want a fan that hangs lower, you should find one with a longer downrod. Some fans, however, can be mounted flush, but you should be aware of this feature.

05. Mounting options

Mounting options are often available with good fans. You may need a special mounting kit for your new ceiling fan as you’re shopping. Make sure your product is compatible with flush-mounting if you have low ceilings. A download of the appropriate length is also required if you have higher ceilings. A special angled ceiling adapter will help ensure that the fan hangs correctly on sloped ceilings, provided you use the adapter with the outlet box.

06. Wet and moist evaluations

It’s important to pay attention to the waterproof capacity of the fan since it will be used in an outdoor space. Depending on the issue, you can choose between wet-rated fans or sodden-rated fans. Such fans can handle damp conditions. A sodden-assessed fan is essential for wet conditions like a flooded yard. It would help if you didn’t expose it to water directly. You can even clean a wet-evaluated fan with a nursery hose if it’s been wet-evaluated.

07. Types of motors

A variety of motors powers a ceiling fan. The most common type of motor for ceiling fans is the alternating current motor. Modern AC motors are relatively quiet, and they are also affordable and reliable.

08. Controls

As a final consideration, decide if you want to have a wall switch, remote control, or pull chain to operate your ceiling fan. The most convenient way to control your fan is by remote control since they allow you to do so from anywhere in the room. Some people prefer wall switches since they don’t want to worry about another remote. You can install a pull chain if your ceilings have a low profile. Despite their complexity, these are simple and cost-saving options.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is the best way to clean a ceiling fan?
If you want to clean your fan, you should turn it off before you do so. You may need to uninstall your ceiling fan if you cannot reach it while standing on a sturdy chair or using a step ladder. Use an old cloth or pillowcase to remove excess dust by inserting one blade at once. Once the blades and base are clean, wipe them down with distilled white vinegar mixed with one part of the water.
For an outdoor ceiling fan, what is the best CFM?
In general, a CFM that exceeds 4,000 is usually considered to be a good airflow. Ceiling fans for outdoor areas should, however, be aimed higher. Creating an absolute breeze requires a little more power because outdoor ceiling fans are used in open spaces. Fans with a CFM of 5,000 or more are better than those with a CFM of 6,000 or more.
How much airflow should an outdoor fan have?
Indoor cooling has a general rule: you need about 4 to 5 times the area to cool it. An outdoor event with 12 people will require an outdoor fan with approximately 3,000 to 4,000 CFM in a tent measuring ten ′ x10′ x 10′ (1,000 cubic feet).
Is it better to have a ceiling fan with a higher CFM?
Airflow measures how much air a ceiling fan delivers in CFM or cubic feet per minute. At high speeds, CFM is measured with a fan that uses watts, and the result is divided by CFM. Consequently, a higher CFM fan moves more air and is more efficient.
Which outdoor ceiling fan is the best?
Several reputable, well-established brands have extensive experience designing outdoor ceiling fans. Some examples are Honeywell, Westinghouse Lighting, and Minka-Aire.


Keeping yourself and your guests comfortable while sitting outside on your porch can be easier with an outdoor porch ceiling fan. Even on hot days, you can stay cool with one of the giant, super-high-CFM outdoor ceiling fans discussed above. It is well worth the investment to get high-quality porch ceiling fans that will provide you with many years of comfort. I hope you have found this helpful blog. Have a great buy!

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