8 Best Fishing paddle board with motor in the USA 2022

If you are looking for the best Fishing paddle board with motor then, you are in the right place. Through, this post, I will try to guide you on how to select the best Fishing paddle board with motor. The advancements in technology, materials, and overall portability amaze me each time I enter a watercraft. Yes, I’m referring to paddle boards. There is something peaceful and exciting about fishing from a motorized paddleboard.

One can never have enough of it. But for that, you need a good fishing paddle board before you can enjoy SUP (Stand up paddle board) fishing. So, how do you do that when so many options are available? Since you cannot test all paddle boards, you may be confused and frustrated. But don’t worry at all. My top 8 best fishing paddle board recommendations will help you make the right choice. The blog includes all the information you need to get started fishing with a paddle board and how to choose one.

People have become increasingly fond of stand-up paddle board fishing. Paddle boards are easy to transport, and they are simple to use. You can easily access the remote fishing spots with a fishing paddle board and see the water better from a standing position. SUPs can be slow, or sometimes paddling can be challenging when there are strong winds, but don’t let that worry you! This is where motorized paddle boards come into play. Adding a motor to your paddle board can you enjoy the best of both worlds. Faster fishing is possible when you use the motor. Keep reading!

What exactly is a motorized paddleboard?

Motorized paddleboards are a craft that can be propelled with motor power or paddled – either sitting or standing or using good old-fashioned paddling. Fishing enthusiasts who prefer to sight fish above the water and in shallows or tight spaces cannot use traditional motorboats often use these motor boards. The motor on the back of a paddleboard can give recreational paddlers the thrill of moving faster. A motorized paddleboard is powered by gas or electric motors and propelled by a jet or an outboard motor. Motors are usually mounted at the tail of the paddle board.

List of some of the best fishing paddle board with motor:

I have selected the eight best fishing paddle boards with motors in this blog. You should choose one based on your budget and needs for gear. So keep scrolling!

01. Sea Eagle Fish Inflatable Paddle Board

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable FishSUP

It’s hard to beat Sea Eagle regarding inflatable watercraft. This fishing board features crafted from their highly durable inflatable kayaks and boats.

Key features

  • It can carry 2-3 people weighing up to 500 pounds.
  • It has a spacious, grippy deck that is super-stable
  • The fishing rig comes with a swivel seat
  • The material used is quite durable.
  • A motor mount is included, which is a nice feature.
  • The build quality of this product is excellent.
  • Fly fishing is ideal with this board.
  • It is highly portable and lightweight.
  • It is attractively designed in green color.
  • There is not much traction on the pad.

02. GILI Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

GILI Air Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

There are numerous attachment points on the GILI Adventure that can attach fishing rod holders, coolers, and tackle boxes to the board. It is a highly stable inflatable paddle board. The deck pad is made of EVA, so your feet will stay comfortable while fishing for hours.

Key features

  • The traction pad is extra large and made of EVA.
  • You can attach loads of gear to it with its 20 D-rings
  • It comes with a paddle holder
  • Storage bungees in the front and rear of the cargo area are included.
  • The paddle is made from a hybrid carbon fiber material.
  • You can do hands-free fishing with a Rod holder.
  • The fishing rod, tackle, and gear can be attached to multiple points.
  • The design is quite elegant and sturdy.
  • Paddle holders could be of better quality.

03. BOTE Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

BOTE Rackham Aero Inflatable Paddle Board

With this board, you can customize it to the finest detail, as it has been designed specifically for fishing. There are also built-in features that’ll allow you to sneak up on your prey regardless of what it happens to be you’re hunting.

Key features

  • It comes with deck pads with textured BVA foam to prevent slippage.
  • It offers multiple D-rings and dual bungee sections to keep your gear organized.
  • Straps for gear are attached with Velcro
  • The build quality is great.
  • The design and construction are of the highest quality.
  • The product includes side bite fins.
  • Trolling motors can be used with this product.
  • This product provides a high level of stealth.
  • It is very expensive.
Hapfan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This paddle board comes with a motorized SUP, a new concept in the paddle boarding world. Coastal and river trips are made easy with this motorized SUP board. This is another popular product in the market today that you can purchase from amazon.

Key features

  • Boards come with remote controls that attach to the paddles
  • Pumps can also be controlled by the remote
  • 12V car plugs power electric air pumps.
  • An e-drive will augment a paddle-powered boat to provide additional propulsion.
  • An internal motor makes paddling easy.
  • Self-inflating is possible in this product.
  • With the app or Bluetooth remote, you can easily control the interface.
  • A long-lasting battery is included.
  • There is no option to deflate the pump.
BOTE Rover Aero 12'6" Motorized Inflatable Paddle Board

This iSUP/Micro is one of the most popular models from the Bote Aero brand. It comes with a skiff hybrid that combines the convenience of a motorized skiff with the fun of SUP fishing. The BOTE deck pad features a recessed design that eliminates any balance issues, combined with a dual construction chamber for added stability and rigidity.

Key features

  • It can support 500 pounds of weight.
  • You get all the accessories you need to start paddling right away in this box.
  • A fiberglass paddle is included, which is sufficient for short-distance paddling.
  • The product is quite sturdy.
  • The motor can be powered by an outboard motor with a power output of 6 HP.
  • Moto-racing is included with this product.
  • It has recessed dual chambers for added stability and dryness.
  • This kit can be transported more easily with its roller bag, which comes with it.
  • Handles at the center are tough to reach.
Cooyes Paddle Board, 10ft/10.6ft Inflatable Paddle Board

Electric surfboards and jet boards are some of Cooyes’ most popular products. The amazing e-Paddle iSUP from Cooyes is the latest product from the company with experience building luxury recreational boards. They have produced a paddle board that is both ecologically friendly and fun for everyone using electric power.

Key features

  • Three triple bottom panel fins improve speed.
  • You can stand and balance thanks to its 330-pound weight capacity perfectly.
  • This product is made from DWF military-grade reinforced epoxy material.
  • An ergonomic handle in this product fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, thereby reducing energy consumption.
  • The air hoses are fixed with two elastic strings.
  • A high-speed motor is included in this product.
  • More than one person can use this board simultaneously because of its high weight capacity.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.
  • The battery weight makes it extremely heavy for transporting.

07. Bluefin Paddle Board

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package | Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

This board is perfect for paddle boarders of all levels; its wide shape makes it very stable on the water. This one has a little more power than the other motorized paddle boards on the list. Families or groups of more than one can take this platform out on the water together because it has a built-in jet board.

Key features

  • This board has a battery life of 6 hours and can go up to 10mph
  • This paddle boarding gives you a luxurious experience with its speed and allows you to explore the water’s surface at your leisure.
  • Featuring a heat-welded carbon mid-rail to provide unrivaled tension and rigidity
  • Batteries, chargers, a paddle, and a remote charger are included.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.
  • The board is capable of carrying a lot of weight.
  • It is extremely sturdy and stable.
  • The handle is strong enough to hold the paddle.
  • It is less maneuverable.

08. BOTE HD Aero paddle board

BOTE HD Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The BOTE HD Aero is an excellent choice for SUP fishers looking to have the option of occasionally fishing without sacrificing performance. It’s a small board, weighing only 30 lbs, but its 315-pound weight capacity makes it a good choice for light fishing.

Key features

  • This board is equipped with points for attaching kayak seats, coolers, and other cargo to the board.
  • It has two Scotty mounts to accessorize and store fishing gear
  • It features three carry handles
  • The BOTE site offers a host of fishing accessories compatible with this board.
  • Your gear can be customized with a variety of mounting points.
  • The SUP is lightweight, weighing only 30 pounds, making it ideal for fishing.
  • A heavy-duty backpack is included, which will last for many years.
  • The design and look are pretty elegant.
  • It would be nice if BOTE included a leash in their kits.

Things to consider while buying the Fishing paddle board with motor – the Buying Guide

Ultimately, a fishing paddle board’s actual value depends on its ability to fit into your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. To make the most informed buying decision possible, I’ve outlined a few key characteristics considered when I built this list.

  • Board size and shape- The choice of a paddle board depends mainly on this factor. Casting and reeling in a fish should be done without falling overboard. It is your goal to find a stable SUP. Paddle boards will be more stable if they are wider, thicker, and longer. To get the best stability on your fishing SUP, ensure it is at least 30 inches wide, 7 inches thick, and 10 feet long. It’s not as easy to turn a long, wide board, but it allows you to fish well down the shoreline.
  • Weight capacity of the board- The weight of your carrying items and your weight on the paddleboard should be considered when choosing a paddleboard. However, it will be difficult and slow to paddle a board with a higher weight capacity. Similarly, you will end up in the water on a paddleboard with less weight capacity. Therefore always choose a paddle board carefully.
  • Deck pad type- It is important to have a padded, comfortable surface under your feet when you plan to stand and fish for many hours. Choose a deck pad with a large surface area, but also look for the one with traction grooves or brushings to prevent slipping.
  • Paddle types- When SUP fishing, your primary goal is not just paddling around the lake but to choose a paddle that is strong enough to reach your destination quickly and easily. Aluminum is a good option if you’re looking for something durable at a low price. However, it is pretty heavier than carbon fiber paddles. Carbon fiber paddles with carbon blades perform well and are lightweight and durable. Having a paddle holder for fishing is vital since it will allow you to rest the paddle safely.
  • Angler’s mounts- Many attachment points are available today, such as action mounts, D-rings, and Scotty mounts. In addition to Scotty mounts, there are also options for boat and fishing accessories attached to fishing SUPs. With a Scotty mount, you can directly mount your GPS
  • Warranty- Look for a SUP manufacturer that offers a warranty on their boards. Paddleboard companies that offer money-back guarantees, as well as warranties, will make sure you’re happy with your purchase. The company can answer any questions you may have if your stand-up paddle board malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are paddleboards suitable for fishing?

Yes, Fishing from a SUP is possible. It is a relatively new concept, but its popularity is growing rapidly. SUP fishing has the advantage of allowing you to fish in areas inaccessible to normal boats. Also, you will have a better view when using stand-up paddle boards. Due to their noiseless nature, they also make it easier to catch fish.

Which paddle board is best for beginners?

The best fishing paddle board for beginners is one that is inexpensive and also easy to control. An excellent paddle board is the BOTE Rackham Aero. Another ideal paddle board for learners is the SereneLife Inflatable Board.

Are paddle boards comfortable to sit on?

A fishing SUP can easily be used for sitting or lying down when not in use. It is fairly common for paddle boards to be wide enough to have plenty of room and stability to sit on them. Kneeling is another way to keep things comfortable while paddling. These hybrid fishing SUPs come with a seating option if you want to use your fishing rod while sitting.

How big should I get a paddle board for fishing?

It is recommended that the width should be between 28 and 32 inches. The best fishing boat length is usually between 11 and 12 feet. Shorter and wider SUPs are better for stability, while longer and thinner SUPs are better for touring and long travels.

Which paddle board is the most stable?

If you want a stable paddle board, choose a wide, flat base with a planning hull rather than a displacement hull or V-shape. Outside of that, unless someone personally tested every paddle board, finding the most stable board would be very difficult.

Inflatable or solid SUP: Which is better?

For fishing, inflatable SUPs are preferred over solid paddleboards. The versatile nature of an inflatable paddle board makes it more appealing than a solid SUP.

What is the approximate price for a fishing paddle board?

Stand-up paddle boards for fishing can be found for $700 – $1700, which is pretty good compared to new kayaks and boats. Generally, the board’s quality will mirror its price, so this is a good starting point. Buying the cheapest board might not guarantee that it will last or that its accessories will be high quality.


A paddle board is great for catching fish if you put the right setup together. Also, we all want to get the most out of things on which we spend our hard-earned money. Thus always choose carefully. Make a list of all the things you want and see which fishing paddle board meets your requirements the best. I hope that this buying guide I mentioned above will help you find the perfect Fishing paddle board with motor. Happy purchasing!

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