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I was wondering the same while I was making my purchase decision a month ago. When choosing a new smartphone, we often take into account the battery life first and in my case, it is the first criteria. Being in the online industry to conduct research over phone and switching between apps are fundamental.  We measure a phone’s autonomy by how long it can function between battery charges. Despite some changes in the software as of 2022, Oxygen OS still remains an extremely popular Android OS. It is worth mentioning that the latest OxygenOS release comes with new features and designs as well.

Oxygen OS has the best battery backup for smartphones as per reports. The battery lasts up to 11 hours with Oxygen OS as per reports. There have been no official announcements from OnePlus regarding battery drain issues with its smartphones. Hopefully, developers will keep their OS update as often as necessary and provide solutions when necessary.

Over the past two years, Oxygen OS has become the world’s most popular operating system. Most major manufacturers offer it because of its simplicity, excellent battery life, fluid interface, and availability.

In addition, to having good mail and social networking capabilities, Oxygen OS Android devices often come with buttery smooth touchscreens, and there are also many apps to choose from. One major flaw is that manufacturers tend to delay sending software updates to their devices, causing it to take a long time to be updated

Recently, OnePlus has made a monumental statement regarding software updates for its forthcoming line of devices, promising Oxygen OS users about OS update. For a limited time in 2023, OnePlus will guarantee 4 important OxygenOS upgrades and also 5 years of security fixes for select smartphones which in turn will improve the battery life as well. According to reports, OnePlus 11 pro will offer OxygenOS 13 and receive major software updates and security patches for at least 4 years after it launches on February 7 at the company’s Cloud 11 event.

Some other Pros of Oxygen OS

  • In spite of the smaller battery than its iOS competitors, the battery backup od oxygen OS is excellent.
  • Updates to latest versions are relatively very quick.
  • A user-friendly interface of this OS makes it easy to navigate the phone.
  • The software is highly customizable, and there are rarely any major bugs to be found
  • In spite of the fact that this is a budget brand, updates for Android security patches are provided pretty quickly
  • In recent years, software optimization has improved steadily.
  • This is an ideal OS for long-term use over a three-year period
  • As compared to past versions of Colour OS, navigation is somewhat easier now.
  • There are excellent options for personalizing the lock screen in this OS smartphones
  • The layout of the UI is closer now to stock Android, though it is still heavily customized.
  • In terms of camera optimisation, this android OS offers the best performance in auto mode

I shall highly recommended to stick to the version of OxygenOS that you are currently using if you are experiencing good battery life and also are using a stable version. If you are still considering updating to another Android OS, proceed with caution since OxygenOS has excellent battery life in my experience.

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