8 Best Alarm Companies In Winnipeg 2023

The world is not exactly all sun and flowers. Sometimes, there are hate crimes happening all around us. This is where, alarm companies come to our rescues. Brace yourselves as we have provided a list of the best alarm companies in Winnipeg.

Have you ever wondered what would the world’s situation be if security wasn’t made so accessible? Looking at the current state of crimes around the world, we would like to skip the answer. Although police security is always trying their best in helping the people around their designated areas, it is not enough. Additional security has become a need of the hour in the last few decades. Be it CCTV cameras or safety lockers, you need at least one alarm method for staying safe.

And no, installing security alarms at commercial sites won’t alone solve the problem. Robbery and theft are currently alarming issues so, it is vital for you to install security alarms in your homes. After all, personal security is something everyone should bring into consideration.

List of the alarm companies in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is one of the biggest industrial hubs in Canada. And when it comes to security, they are certainly upfront. We have selected all the best alarm companies in Winnipeg and prepared this list just for you. Let’s begin:

01. DSI Security Systems


When it comes to security, DSI Security Systems is without a doubt one of the best in entire Canada. With advanced technology and a strong team, they have established their position as one of the most loved and trusted alarm companies.

You can understand their popularity by given their alarm system a try. The fitting team of this company will assuredly help you throughout your process. Some of DSI Security System’s great services include monitoring, general repairs, security cameras, technical support and installing.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.dsicanada.com

Address: 1665 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3J 0H3, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-985-1800

02. Oakley Alarms Ltd


Availability and dedication are the key factors of Oakley Alarm’s success. Integrated in 1997, the company has become of the of the biggest names when it comes to alarm and security. Their 24.7 services have indeed made a great difference in the region.

If you ask their customers, only a few of them will have anything negative to say. Serving the people of Winnipeg with only the best security products, they have precisely grown as a security company. Some of the major services of Oakley Alarms include clock monitoring, installation, electronic services and security alarms.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.oakleyalarms.ca

Address: 359 Pandora Ave W, Winnipeg, MB R2C 1M6, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-654-9982

03. SI Alarms Ltd


The third company in our list, SI Alarms is without a doubt one of the best alarm companies in Winnipeg. Wither their coherence and hard work, they have rightfully bagged the spot as one of the best security companies of the region.

You might yourself rank them as one of the top companies by opting to take their services. Customer service of a vital feature of the company. And other than that, their service also is myriad. Some of SI alarms important services include security cameras, installation, access alarm systems, annual inspection, audio installations, battery replacement, commercial alarms system, connected home, data centre, electrical work, enhanced security, FOB systems, fire alarm systems, generator services, hazard assessment, intrusion alarms, locks, motion sensor, outdoor lights preventive maintenance and residential CCTV.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.sialarms.com

Address: 1380 Norte Dame Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3E 0P7, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-231-1606

04. JamRock Security Winnipeg


Canada’s one of the biggest security companies, JamRock Security Winnipeg is one of the biggest names in the industry. Popular for serving Brandon, Selkirk, Portage La Prairie, Neepawa, Beausejour, Lockport, Grand Beach, Carmen, Had Ashville and of course, Winnipeg, they are a massive company.

By choosing their alarm security, you can potentially make your house safer. After all, they do not have an almost perfect google reviews for nothing. Their popular services include video surveillance, automation specialist, four 2mp outdoor cameras, alarm systems, installations communicator and camera installation.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.jamrocksecurity.ca

Address: 130 Scott St, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0K8, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-800-1564

05. Vivnit


Serving over 1.5 million customers around North America, Vivnit has become one o the biggest security companies of the entire region. For a matter of fact, their innovative and efficient services have made them one of the most reliable security companies.

Going by their customer care and overall team you can understand why. Most of the company’s staff communicate in a friendly way and offer a homely environment to the customers. They are focal even when it comes to services. Their popular services include burglar alarm systems, car guard services, emergency assistance, home automation systems, intrusion detection, safety alarms, security solutions, smart locks, video surveillance system, wireless home security system, cellular network and commercial security system.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.vivnit.com

Phone number: +1 204-285-0151

06. ADT Security Services


By all means, ADT Security Services is one of the leading alarm companies in Winnipeg. With a superior customer support and 24/7 facility, they have earned the trust and loyalty of most of their customers.

Indeed, their contribution in security is praise worthy. Don’t believe us? Then check out their portfolio for a better understanding. Noteworthy services of ADT Security Service is burglary monitoring, ADT pulse, carbon monoxide monitoring, burglar alarm monitor, fire alarm monitor, fire & smoke monitoring, home automation systems, intrusion detection systems, multi-family security, pet friendly security systems, smart garage door control, temperature monitoring and video surveillance.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.lelus.com

Address: 88 Terracon Pl, Winnipeg, Mb R2J 4G7, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-809-6485

07. Vipond- First for Fire, Life Safety & Security


Standing up to their name, Vipond- First for Fire, Life Safety & Security is a renowned alarm company. Years of dedication and proficiency has helped them in establishing their reputation as a significant alarm company in Canada.

Doubtlessly, their services have brought a lot to the table. Ensuring public safety, they have made their presence felt by almost everyone in the region. You might enjoy their security services by reaching out to them. They mainly deal in three services, fire suppression systems fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems. Since sudden fire can be lethal, their contribution in this field is evidently remarkable.

Thinking about opting for their wonderful services? Then contact them on the details listed below:

Website: www.vipnod.ca

Address: 571 Ferry Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0T5, Canada

Phone number: +1 204-783-2420

08. Clearly InSight


And the final company to make it to our list of the best alarm companies in Winnipeg is Clearly Insight. You can clearly tell they are a great security company by looking at their priorities. Providing only the best services is this company’s ultimate goal.

Without a doubt, they are getting successful in achieving their goal. Almost all of their clients prefer them over other companies and have only positive reviews about them. Of course, this is because of the company’s unmatched services. Some of the crucial amenities of Clearly InSight are air conditioning systems, security cameras, CCTV cameras, alarm system installation, campus security, cyber security, door access, commercial security camera systems, design & construction, door access control, high-definition security systems, intrusion alarm, Ip cameras, network cameras, personalized services, security consultancy, smart locks, thermal monitoring and videos security cameras.


Adding the eight most prominent alarm companies in Winnipeg, we conclude our list. Security is a vital concern in today’s world so it important to take necessary measures. Alarm system might not completely stop robbery but you can at least easily catch the culprit. After all, the main concern is to get back the valuable belongings. So, take up your phone and contact the security company that has caught your attention right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best alarm company?

Vivint is often regarded to as the best alarm company.

Which is the cheapest alarm company?

With a cost plan of only $4.99 a month, Wyze can be regarded as one of the cheapest alarm companies.

How much does one alarm cost monthly?

The average price of one alarm a month ranges between $25 to $50.

What is the average cost of an alarm security for house?

The base price of an alarm security for house is $600.

Are home alarms worth it?

Yes, installing home alarms can reduce the chances of property theft by 60%.

How much is a surveillance camera?

The cost of a surveillance camera can range between $20 to $400.

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