16 Best Affordable Clothing Brands Made In USA 2023

With evolving fashion, keeping up with the trends has become an unspoken rule. However, sometimes your pocket may not agree with spending hundreds of dollars for basic clothing. With the list of the most affordable clothing brands made in the USA, you can upgrade your wardrobe at a limited cost. After all, the goal is to look fashionable and not burn a hole in your wallet.

Doubtlessly, America is one of the biggest consumers of fashion. There are around 18,000 top-notch fashion designers in the USA alone. When it comes to keeping up with trends, the country is never behind in any way. However, buying a designer dress or shirt may not be affordable for anyone. Since less than 3% of the apparel people in the country are made in the USA, it is important to stay updated on the ones that are.

And without a doubt, the clothing industry in the USA is significantly growing. In 2019, a report concluded that the then value of the United States apparel market was 368 billion dollars. And over the years, the industry value is only increasing in an upward direction. So, if you want to buy a made-in-USA dress for brunch, there are plenty of options.

List of affordable women’s and men’s clothing made in the USA in 2023

Although there are a lot of options, not everyone can be accessible. Since clothes can turn out to be very expensive, it is important to know your brands when on a tight budget. We have prepared a list of the most affordable clothing brands made in the USA for who. Their cheap and comfortable clothing can help you keep up with the latest trends. Let us jump into the list:

01. Vetta Capsule


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Vetta Capsule is one of the most affordable women’s clothing made in the USA. If you are looking for versatile and cute outfits, they are one of the first names that you should consider.

Vetta Capsule mostly manufactures clothing like basics, outwear, knitwear and loungewear. A good thing about them is they always pay their employee’s fair wages and protect their factory workers. They make all women’s apparel and their price ranges between $20 to $160.

02. Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel

Tired of searching for casual wear that you can just wear to the supermarket? The Los Angeles-based clothing brand can solve your problem. Based in Los Angeles, California, United States, Groceries Apparel is one of your best options when it comes to causals.

Groceries Apparel mostly produces a fine line of clothing for men and women which includes basics, sportswear, loungewear, underwear and accessories. Their organic and recycled activewear can create a fabulous and sustainable wardrobe for you. Their price ranges between $30 to $100.

03. Made Trade

Groceries Apparel

One of the most affordable clothing brands for both men and women, Made Trade is based in Portland, Oregon, United States. By being ethical and substantial, they can give your wardrobe a decently modern look.

Made Trade manufactures a fine selection of knitwear, underwear, swimwear, loungewear, basics, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, bags and accessories. Their classic jackets, chic dresses and knitted sweaters can indeed give your wardrobe a makeover. Their price ranges between $10 to $70.

04. Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill

Can you believe that this company makes 100% organic cotton-based clothing for only a minimal price? With its roots in San Francisco, California, United States, Harvest & Mill has evolved as a magnificent clothing brand over the years.

Harvest & Mill produces clothing for both men and women in categories like loungewear, basic sleepwear, underwear and accessories. And the best part about them is that they only used locally available raw materials for production. This means the company’s whole supply chain is US based. Their prices range between $40 to $200.

05. Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Another all-women clothing company, Vitamin A is based in Garden Grove, California, United States. Probably the most popular product of this company is their eco-friendly beachwear series. They are probably one of your best options for beach vacation shopping.

Vitamin A mostly produces clothing like dresses, swimwear, basics, loungewear and accessories. Their high-quality fabric and designs are suitable for almost everyone. And a plus point is they use only eco-conscious textiles like linen and organic cotton. Their price ranges between $80 to $160.

06. Outerknown


Combing affordability and quality together, they have indeed made trendy wear more accessible. Based in Los Angeles, California, United States, Outerknown is one of the best producers of cloth made with fair trade, organic and recycled fabric.

Oterknown produces versatile clothing for both men and women. Their fine selection includes sweats, basics, swimwear, outerwear, accessories and bags. Most of their clothes are made from plant-based fibres, which makes them a great option for vegans. Their price ranges between $50 to $160.

07. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn

Made for women and young girls, Christy Dawn is based in Los angles, California, United States. If you have a boho style, her clothing line is without a doubt one of your best options. Her upcycled fabric can indeed give your wardrobe a chic-vintage look.

Christy Dawn mostly produces a variety of knitwear, outwear, shoes, basics, loungewear, basics and accessories. And the plus point is, she produces a wide range of clothing for every size. With love, the designer crafts beautiful dresses ethically. Her prince rages between $225 to $895.

08. Arielle


When it comes to affordable women’s clothing made in the USA, Arielle is one of the first names that comes to our minds. Based in NYC, New York United States, they are without a great brand that supports the local economy and bashes unethical labour.

Arielle manufactures a fine selection of female clothing including outwear, loungewear, basics, sportswear and accessories. By choosing their plastic-free range of dresses, pants, two-pieces and sweats, you can hop onto the latest fashion trend. Their price ranges between $70 to $120.

09. Reformation


Another all-women fashion brand, Reformation is based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Producing chic and trendy clothes from organic fabric has definitely made them one of the most affordable clothing brands in the USA that don’t compromises comfort.

Reformation manufactures trendy outfits in categories like denim, basics, activewear, swimwear, sweats, loungewear and activewear. Their causal shirts, pants, cute classics, chic blouses, jackets and trendy dresses can indeed enhance your wardrobe. Their price ranges between $10 to $170.

10. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman

Want to try a premium designer brand for the lowest possible cost? Then Mara Hoffman is your perfect match. Based in NYC, New York, United States, they are one of the finest users of recycled, organic and luxury fabrics made locally.

Mara Hoffman specifically produces clothing for women in categories like outwear, basics, knitwear and swimwear. The designer brand is most popular for its versatile range of sustainable luxury swimwear, made from post and pre-consumer waste. Their price ranges between $60-$430.

11. Brook There

Brook there

While talking about comfortable casual clothes, Brook There is one of the most pivotal names. Established in Marine, United States, the company is one of the most affordable organic fabric users that solely depends on the US supply chain.

Brook there manufactures all-women apparel in categories like loungewear, basics, sleepwear and underwear. One of their highlights is that their sustainable underwear is made from GOTS-certified fabric. Their small team of sewers is always working dedicatedly to create only the best products. Their price ranges between $20 to $70.

12. MATE


Made from only natural materials, the all-women clothes of this company are loved by almost their every user. MATE is established in Los Angeles, California, United States and they are one of the biggest names when it comes to organic and vegan clothing.

MATE produces all-women clothing in sectors like loungewear, basics and knitwear. Their organic chic clothes are mostly made from linen, cotton and Tencel. If you are a vegan, you can trust their clothes since they are 100% cruelty-free. Their price ranges between $40 to $130.

13. Amour Vest

Amour Vert

Offering numerous categories in women’s clothing, Amour Vest has indeed become a renowned name. Founded in San Francisco, California, United States they produce a limited number of per-piece clothing items to make an eco-friendly future.

Amour Vest produces a wide variety of women’s clothing categories including denim, knitwear, outerwear, basics, loungewear, jewellery, shoes, bags and accessories. A fun part about them is that they mostly play with heather gray, navy, black and white colours. Their price ranges between $60 to $460.

14. Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy

Going by their name, you can understand that they primarily produce activewear outfits. Yoga Democracy is based in Cave Creek, Arizona, United States. They are popular for their sustainable alternative sportswear and activewear.

Yoga Democracy fabricates women’s clothing in categories like leggings, bras, basics, shorts and accessories. Additionally, they also produce yoga mats along with their clothing. If you love sportswear, their luxuriously sustainable clothing collection can indeed make your wardrobe aesthetic. Their price ranges between $30 to $80.

15. Miakoda


One of the most known 100% vegan clothing brands, Miakoda is based in NYC, New York, United States. Their goal is to treat animals with empathy and create an environmentally better planet while successfully running their clothing brand.

Miakoda manufactures all-women apparel including sportswear, knitwear, basics, loungewear and accessories. Their bralettes, bodysuits, cardigans, tees, hoodies, joggers, pants and sweatshirts can positively give a beautiful look to your cherished wardrobe. Their price ranges between $50 to $100.

16. Pansy


If your mood speaks athleisure, then Pansy is one of the best clothing brands for you. Having its roots in San Leandro, California, United States, the clothing line has become one of the most affordable clothing brands made in the USA.

Pansy makes female apparel in categories like sportswear, underwear, basics, loungewear and accessories. The raw material that this company uses is sourced from producers who are a 20 minutes distance from their design studio. When it comes to comfortable and ethical undies, they are without a doubt one of the largest producers. Their price ranges between $60 to $80.


Were you already familiar with these affordable clothing brands made in the USA? Your clothes have the potential to portray you as your authentic self. The style you wear, and your choice of fabric can give a sneak peek of your personality. For example, by only wearing vegan clothes you can portray your love towards animals. Or by wearing only black clothes, you can adopt a gothic style. So, make sure you choose the brand that matches your style and ethics the most. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the biggest clothing brands in the USA?

Calvin Klein, Nike, Old Navy and GAP are some of the most successful clothing brands in the USA.

Is Ralph Lauren made in the USA?

Some of Ralph Lauren’s products are made in the USA.

Is Tommy Hilfiger Inc an American clothing brand?

Yes, Tommy Hilfiger is a premium American clothing brand.

Are fabrics still made in the USA?

Yes, organic cotton, linen, plan-based fabric, etc. are still made in the USA.

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