Beijing to undergo a probable Lockdown as Shanghai’s death count rises

The rising Covid-19 cases in Beijing has made the city’s scenario worsened, raising the need of imposition of a never seen lockdown of the capital city, making the country’s administration seek a Shanghai-style lockdown that has already hit the financial hub.

Netizens and the administration are worried about the impact of the hard lockdown on the China’s financial crisis. The citizens of Beijing are hit by an unseen panic of preparing for days long lockdown in the sudden state of crisis. As the country has imposed testing and lockdown on some of the parts of the capital city, people are in a state of rush to stock up necessary supplies.

The country has sealed the resident of the political center with more than 20 million people. The citizens near Chaoyang are advised to be tested three times a week after there has been an uprise in covid cases post weekend. Officials have stated that more covid cases are yet to be encountered, with Beijing city government saying that the country’s outbreak is currently “complex and stealthy”. The administration has however promised that they will be taking further measures to contain the outbreak. With an increased number of fatalities in China’s Shanghai city, the city has imposed stricter lockdown on the city. The uncontrollable rise in the two most important cities of China is testing Chinese President Xi Jinping who is set to start his third five-year term as the leader of China’s Communist Party.

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