Anxious Couple Leaves Infant At Israeli Airport Check-in

A shocking incident occurred when a couple arrived at the Airport late for their Belgium-bound flight. The couple was so anxious to get past the Aviation check-in protocol that they forgot about their child and left the infant at the Airport. 

According to the Airport employees, the couple with their infant arrived late for their flight. Since they were checking in without booking for their infant, the airport staff stopped them at the check-in desk and asked them to pay £25 for a ‘lap seat’ or purchase a seat that would be charged as per the standard adult fare. However, the couple was so anxious that they forgot about their child, left it in the stroller, and walked away. 

Reportedly, the check-in agent at Ben Gurion Airport reached Airport Security, who brought back the couple. Currently, the matter has been handed over to the local police. 

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