An Immersive Reader feature is available in Microsoft Edge

The layout of a website can be cluttered with different options, menus, advertisements and panels moving around in the background, which can create distractions. 

Recently, a new feature added to Microsoft Edge’s web browser makes it much easier to read and see documents. Using the book icon in the browser address bar, you can access Immersive Reader on articles. Microsoft Edge’s Immersive Reader simplifies the layout of web pages, removes clutter, and customizes your reading experience.

In addition to improving enhancing learning and reading comprehension, Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader also includes many amazing accessibility and learning tools. In Immersive Reader, you can scroll down a web page and read the main content without being distracted by adverts, menus or other unwanted items.

It was with dyslexic and dysgraphic readers in mind that Immersive Reader was first created. However, this tool proved to be helpful to anyone who wants to improve their reading experience when using a device! With Microsoft Edge, everyone can browse the web in a more inclusive and accessible way.  The Immersive Reader is an in-browser feature that streamlines the reading experience for web articles, allowing you to better focus on the text.

Because of this, the feature is useful in both the office and at home, and I endorse it wholeheartedly.

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