Air India Newark-Delhi Flight Diverted to Stockholm Due to Oil Leak Incident

A scheduled Air India flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Delhi, India, was diverted to Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday (February 22) following an incident of an oil leak in one of its engines.

The Boeing 777-300ER aircraft carrying over 250 passengers took off from Newark airport earlier in the day, but the pilots detected an issue with one of the engines during the flight. The engine was shut down, and the flight was diverted to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport, where it landed safely.

Upon arrival, a thorough inspection of the aircraft was conducted by ground personnel, and the cause of the oil leak was investigated. The airline authorities have not disclosed the exact reason behind the oil leak, and the investigation is ongoing.

Air India assured the passengers that alternative arrangements would be made to get them to their final destination. The airline also apologized to the passengers for the inconvenience caused and is working to provide them with the necessary support.

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