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7 Best flat iron for thick curly hair in 2023

For curly hair, finding a flat iron that allows you to control the temperature while straightening in the least amount of passes possible is essential. Your curls will not be fried or broken but will remain frizz-free. Anyone who wants a sleek appearance needs a flat iron. They can, however, damage your hair if used too long. Throughout this guide, I have tested every flat iron to ensure they deliver on their promises. Various curl types and styling needs have been tested on these straighteners by women with curly hair. Furthermore, I have also outlined the most important considerations before buying. So, keep reading.

List of some of the best flat iron for thick curly hair

Following are some of the best flat irons for thick curly hair:

01. HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
  • Hair can be straightened
    quickly and easily with this tool.
  • It is easy to use and fast to install.
  • Hair damage can be prevented
    by microsensors.
  • Ceramic plates infused
    with tourmaline are available.
  • There is a 1-year warranty on
    this product.
  • Negative ions are generated,
    which reduce frizz.
  • There is no automatic
    shutdown feature on it.

A flat iron like this is your best choice if your hair is curly or coarse. With 8 Heat Balance micro-sensors, this straightener distributes the heat evenly throughout your hair using ceramic plates. 8 heat balance micro-sensors ensure an even distribution of heat across the ceramic plates that make up this straightener.

HSI Professional Glider with gloves set
HSI Professional Glider with gloves included
VANESSA Flat Iron for Hair Titanium Plates with vanessa

Key features

  • Hair can be straightened, flipped, and curled with this flat iron
  • Eight Heat Balance micro-sensors regulate the temperature and distribute heat evenly on the high-quality ceramic plates
  • These plates create a silkier and shinier finish with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates in less time.
  • It allows you to achieve the perfect sleek look for any hair with temperature settings ranging from 140 to 450°F.
  • A 360-degree swivel cord allows it to move freely.
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic
Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
02. VANESSA PRO Flat Iron Hair Straightener
  • It helps maintain your
    hair’s moisture over time.
  • The materials used are
    sturdy, and the design
    is durable.
  • This product features
    automatic shutdown.
  • It spreads evenly and heats
    up well.
  • There is a little heating of
    the handle.

This kind of titanium flat iron produces high levels of negative ions that retain moisture in the hair and give you silky smooth hair. The temperature ranges from 265°F to 450°F and is easy to adjust based on your hair type. Your hair will receive consistent heat without being fried.

VANESSA Flat Iron for Hair Titanium Plates with vanessa
VANESSA Flat Iron for Hair Titanium Plates auto stuff
VANESSA Flat Iron for Hair Titanium Plates long press to power up

Key features

  • A special titanium plate creates lustrous results that will last a long time.
  • This straightener is ergonomically designed to make it easy to use.
  • A temperature range of 265°F to 450°F can be selected.
  • You can use this flat iron as a curling iron as well as a hair straightener.
VANESSA PRO Flat Iron Hair
03. Remington S9500 Pro 1″ Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron
  • The device has an
    auto-shutdown function.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • It prevents hair damage
    with protective measures.
  • Frizz is reduced, and hair is glossed.
  • It is also great for curly hair.
  • The hair does not
    grip well sometimes.

This straightener features ceramic plates designed to cause less frizz and damage. With the Crushed Pearl Infused Plates, your hair will be silky and straight in just one pass. It comes with a floating ceramic plate, which makes it easy to use with all hair types.

Remington S9500 Digital Ceramic Hair
Remington S9500 Digital Ceramic Hair with professional results
Remington S9500 Digital Ceramic Hair repair damage hair

Key features

  • This flat iron is a great investment with an auto shutoff and fast heating.
  • Floating plates of 1″ make it easy to glide.
  • Less damage and faster salon results are achieved with Pearl Ceramic Technology.
  • Plates infused with crushed pearls are included.
  • 450°F is the maximum temperature it can reach.
  • It combines ceramic, titanium, and keratin to make your hair smooth and protected.
  • Hair is conditioned with ionic technology to reduce frizz and bring out the gloss.
Remington S9500 Pro 1″ Pearl
Ceramic Flat Iron
04. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron
  • Straightening results are
    excellent when heat levels are high.
  • Hair is protected from damage
    by Nano Titanium technology.
  • You can also use it to create
    waves that look loose and beachy.
  • This product is designed to last
    for a long time.
  • There is a sleek design and
    ease of use with this product.
  • It is expensive.

The thin plated iron in this product will appeal to you if you have thick, curly, or coarse hair. When it comes to straightening your hair, it does a stellar job. With longer plates, it’s faster and even more efficient as well.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron with baby liss pro
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron with 13 in 33cm
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic Straightening Iron

Key features

  • Using porcelain ceramic plate technology, a rheostat temperature dial makes it extra convenient.
  • An ion generator is built into the streamlined profile.
  • Straightening hair faster and delivering excellent shine is made easier with extra-long plates.
  • It offers Nano Titanium technology.
  • The floating plates allow each strand to be adjusted safely.
  • Users can customize their style with 5 temperature settings.
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ionic
Straightening Iron
05. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener
  • It is equipped with a
    3D flexible heating plate.
  • It has a heating plate that
    is extra long.
  • There is a C-sensor and
    an automatic shutoff feature
    built into it.
  • The salon power cord is
    extra long as well.
  • Heating gloves and a
    travel pouch are included.
  • It isn’t easy to adjust
    the temperature dial.

It is one of the best flat iron for thick curly hair in the market, thanks to its extensive temperature range. It transforms frizzy hair into sleek and shiny hair by locking in natural moisture.

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil  automatic done without buttons
NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil
NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil  2 in one straight and curling

Key features

  • A large heating plate enables it to heat larger amounts of hair, which increases its efficiency.
  • There is no tugging or pulling of the hair due to the ceramic-coated plates.
  • The 3D flexible Heating plate allows for easy angle adjustment so that hair is not snagged or pinched.
  • Rotating clockwise to turn on and raise the temperature is simply a matter of rotating clockwise.
  • You can power off the device by rotating it anticlockwise.
NITION Professional Salon Hair

06. Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic Digital Hair Flat Iron
  • This iron’s dual voltage makes
    it ideal for travel.
  • 30 seconds is all it takes for
    this flat iron to heat up.
  • It features wide plates
    for faster styling of
    longer hair sections.
  • It adds shine and reduces frizz.
  • A feature of auto-shutdown
    is also available.
  • It is perfect for curly hair beauties.
  • A heating effect lasts only a
    short time.

This flat iron gives you beautiful, flawless styling by reducing shine and taming frizz. Within 30 seconds, it reaches 450°F, allowing it to accommodate hair textures and types of all types. A 1 1/2-inch wide plate on the iron makes it suitable for quickly styling larger sections of hair.

Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic Digital Hair Flat Iron
Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic Digital Hair Flat Iron supporting stylish since 1990
Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic Digital Hair Flat Iron with before and after lookj

Key features

  • Ceramic technology is used in it.
  • It reduces frizz and adds shine for long-lasting, ultra-sleek results
  • The soft-touch finish makes it easy to hold.
  • It automatically shuts off after two hours.
  • High heat is provided up to 450°F by this device.
  • An 8ft tangle-free cord is included.
Hot Tools Pro Signature Ceramic
Digital Hair Flat Iron
07. Mixcolor Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in
  • A glove is included to protect
    your hands from burns.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • The cord can be swiveled
    360 degrees.
  • Running water can be used
    to clean the heating plate.
  • This product is durable and
  • Getting used to the shape
    takes some time.

1 Ionic Flat Iron- This iron heats up with the MCH heater in less than 15 seconds. That’s how fast it is! The swivel rod is easy to use and has a safety lock. Straightener dust, steam, and dirt are not allowed to enter the device because of the 3D floating plates.

Mixcolor Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 suitable travelling
Mixcolor Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 easy to clean and longlife
Mixcolor Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1 dosent damage hair

Key features

  • It is based on 3D floating technology.
  • Traveling with it is easy because of its sturdy, sleek design.
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your hair’s needs.
  • It heats up within a few seconds.
Mixcolor Hair Straightener and
Curler 2 in

Things to consider while purchasing the best flat iron for thick curly hair:

You should choose a flat iron that caters to every curly hair type, so you can switch up your style without worrying about frizz. If you have thick, frizzy, wavy, or coily curly hair, it’s always a good idea to research before making a purchase.

01. Plates

Straight hair has a flat surface, whereas curly hair has a rounded surface. You should use flat irons with titanium or ceramic plates to prevent snagging. Curly hair is less likely to be damaged when these materials are used. Tourmaline plates reduce frizz and seal the hair cuticle to retain moisture. Ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution, so styling is seamless. In contrast, ceramic plates ensure even heat distribution, so styling is seamless.

02. Temperature controls

Your curl pattern and hair thickness will determine your desired temperature. You should look at temperature settings and whether the straightener can style all types of curly hair when buying a straightener for curly hair. The key to using straighteners for curly hair is maintaining a constant temperature throughout the process. You will have to wait less time before you can use some good hair straighteners because they use advanced heating technology.

03. Plate size

It is possible to straighten more hair at once using wider plates, which are also faster. Plates with a smaller diameter are ideal for areas such as your fringe. A wide plate flat iron is probably the best choice for people with curly or thick hair.

04. Infused and floating plates

Your hair is pressured by floating plates that move. Split ends are reduced due to this pressure adjustment protecting the hair shaft. In contrast, some flat irons use infused plates with essential ingredients such as argan oil or keratin, which promote hair growth.

05. Length of cord

Using a longer cord may not be an issue if you are styling your hair in a bathroom. A shorter cord may be a better choice if you do not have an outlet in front of your mirror. With an average length of 8.1 feet, cord lengths range from 5.6 to 10.8. As the cord length increases, you’ll gain more range and convenience. Having a swivel cord makes moving easier, as well.

06. Auto-shutdown

Auto shutoff ensures your peace of mind when running late and forgetting to turn off an iron. When you can’t quite remember if you turned off the tool, you could set it to automatically shut off after five minutes to two hours. After a certain period, the straightener will automatically shut down to prevent overheating. The function is useful if you accidentally leave it on. To ensure that the tool has been turned off, I recommend turning it off and unplugging it after use.

Here are some tips on how to straighten thick curly hair with a flat iron

Here’s how to straighten your hair with a flat iron:

  • Step 1: Divide your hair into sections by combing it out
  • Step 2: As you heat the iron, pay attention to the texture of your hair, and adjust the temperature accordingly
  • Step 3: ·Step 3: Protect your hair from excessive damage by applying a heat-resistant spray
  • Step 4: Moving the iron downward fluidly starts at the crown and continues to the bottom
  • Step 5: Continue straightening your hair until all sections are straightened

If you wish, you can spray some hairspray once you are finished. Styling can be maintained longer this way.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to choose my flat iron?
Flat irons should be chosen based on their features and your needs. Technology and temperature range must also be taken into account when designing plates.
What is the best way to use a flat iron?
After thoroughly brushing your hair to avoid snarls or tangles, separate your hair into small sections. Don’t let the iron sit on one area for too long; run it over each section consistently.
When it comes to flat irons, how should you clean them?
I usually recommend wiping the plates with rubbing alcohol once the unit has been unplugged and cooled. Ensure the plates are completely dry before rinsing them off with a cotton pad.
Does a flat iron work well for curling hair?
Yes, of course. Although flat irons are commonly used to straighten hair, they can do a lot more. By using the right technique, you can create soft beach waves to full, bouncy curls with this styling tool.
How are ceramic plates different from non-ceramic plates?
A ceramic plate heats up from the inside, whereas a non-ceramic plate heats up from the outside.
What are the best flat ironing products for thick hair?
The flat irons listed above will straighten curly hair exceptionally well.
Does using a flat iron every day damage my hair?
As heat can thin your hair and cause split ends, it can cause damage to the hair locks.
Is it possible to do different styles with a flat iron?
It is possible to style your hair differently with the iron if it can double as a curler and is designed for that purpose.

Straightening thick, curly hair with any of the flat irons presented here is easy. Many others have found great success by using them. It is, therefore, likely that you will get similar results. You can also compare and contrast each feature since they are available at different price points. Depending on the model, you’ll get a wide range of performance. As a result, you shouldn’t just choose based on price. When making a final decision, consider durability, brand reputation, user reviews, and ease of use. This blog on the best flat iron for thick curly hair is a guide that took us some time and effort to write. Thus your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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