53 die in China building collapse, search for trapped ends

The state media of China has reported that a total of 53 people died in the building collapse that happened on the 29th of April in central China. Total 10 people were rescued from the site by a group of rescuers with the help of dogs, hand tools, drones and electrical devices. Authorities said on Friday that the search has officially ended.

After almost 6 days of the incident, the last person was rescued by the team. The woman who was found 132 hours after the incident was conscious and helped the team in assisting her. The residential and commercial building collapsed a week ago, causing a disastrous situation.

At least nine people, including the owner has been arrested with the charges of neglecting and violating many building codes. Reportedly, they also committed several other violations. However, they are currently arrested under suspicion and concrete evidence is yet to be found.

Seven days after the incident, the authorities have finally put an end to the search for the trapped, since almost everyone who were reported to be missing are either rescued or found dead by the team. This disaster has formed a cloud of grief and tension in the central China.

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