22-year-old YouTube star Tiba al-Ali Becomes the Victim of ‘Honour killing’ | Spanking Outrage in Iraq

Popular YouTube star Tiba al-Ali was killed by her father, resulting in outrage in Iraq.

Despite several attempts, the incident of ‘honour killings’ continued to occur in the conservative country. Recently, 22-year-old YouTube star Tiba al-Ali became the victim of ‘honour killing’ in the southern province of Diwaniya.

According to the police officials, Tiba al-Ali lived in Turkey alone. She went to Iraq to visit her parents and resolve the dispute with her family. However, her father was not very happy with her life choices and reportedly killed her. After the investigation was headed, Tiba al-Ali’s father confessed his crime and tagged it as ‘honour killings’. However, he didn’t provide any details about the dispute.

As per the sources, Tibacame to Turkey in 2027 with her family. However, she never returned to her home and started her living there. Instead, she started gaining followers on YouTube by posting daily videos.

Her sudden and unfortunate demise has brought a wave of protests on social media platforms. Several activists have demanded justice for Tiba. 

HanaaEdwar, a Human rights activist, gave a statement where she mentioned voice recordings of Tiba. In the voice recordings, Tiba reportedly said that she left her family for several reasons: her brother sexually assaulted her, and she had to face several other physical and emotional tortures. 

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